Monday, January 17, 2011

Cheesecake w/ Caramel Pecan sauce

It has been a long time since I made a cheesecake for my sweet family. So, in celebration of hubby's 41st birthday, I plan on presenting him with this beauty! And the best part is, I already had the ingredients on hand!

I used this recipe for the cheesecake but used Nilla Wafers for the crust.

Caramel Pecan Sauce1/4 cup Brown Sugar
2TBS butter
Splash of Cream
1Cup Pecan Halves

I didn't measure really, because I was winging it. Melt butter in sauce pan and add brown sugar. Mix together well, and stir continuously. Add Cream and allow to cook until mixture becomes bubbly and thickened. (Not like taffy,but still a little loose.) Add Pecans, and stir to coat. Top cheesecake with sauce. (Another idea would be to melt some chocolate and drizzle on top of caramel and pecans.) That yummy sauce filled the nook and crannies very well!

Happy Birthday Honey!


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