Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feeling grounded and renewed

I am feeling much more grounded and renewed this morning, as I prayed and God to send a spirit of renewal, and rejuvenation on me as the rain began to fall on our parts of this rich luscious land. I lost my grounding for a few days, and fell back into some old habits. I am ecstatic to say ~ God is good! He is the healer of all. HE brings new mercy, grace, and love each and every morning. I am loving the mornings lately, especially the early mornings.

With hubby gone since Friday, I have missed him greatly! With this weather, not sure how well his hunt has gone as I try to give him space during special times like that. I need my husband more then ever it seems like, and I am so grateful that we have the relationship we do. It's one that has grown over the years,instead of deteriorating like so many in my generation lately. Hubby and I will be celebrating sixteen years of marriage come this May.

I was greatly reminded how important it is that I seek God in everything I do. I mean EVERYTHING! Not just the "big" things in life like career changes, moving, cancer, but in the little things to ~ perhaps what we should prepare for the week in our menu's, what chores should be given to the kids, how you can help someone that you have seen on the street.

I have a bad habit, of only seeking His will when things feel so out of control, but really? If I do it daily in everything, things won't get out of control, or I wont' feel like it is out of control. I am not saying life will be peachy and a bed of roses, but when I seek Him, I allow Him to have control and then when things look out of sorts to the naked eye His spirit that is within me can remind me that I gave it all to Him to handle. ALL.

But seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right), and then all these things taken together will be given you besides. Matthew 6:33 Amplified


Seek Him friends! That is my challenge to you this week in all that you do ~ is to seek Him first. Let's begin to make this a daily habit ~ a moment by moment habit. So much so that it just becomes ingrained in us, as just who we are, what we do.
I love to make lists and organize my week, but if I am not including Him in these plans, then I am leaving Him out of them. If I am not praying and seeking what He would like to me to do in my home regarding my children and their discipline, chores, etc then I am leaving Him out of the parenting. My husband and I can't do that on our own! When I am doing my lesson plans for school, if I am not seeking Him in what we should be doing, I shouldn't be surprised when I have chaos and mayhem in the classroom. If I am not seeking Him in my marriage, I shouldn't be surprised if there is strife or even silence. If I am not seeking Him in my home, in all the home blessings that need to be tended to on a regular basis, why would I be surprised if I don't find joy and peace in doing what He has called me to do. Basically what I am saying is their is no middle road. We either seek Him or we don't. AND.. scripture says we are to seek Him, not "if it feels right". Of course God gives us free will ~ He wants us to come to Him out of choice ~ not because he forces us to.


Holiness is a choice. Choosing a life that seeks Him first in all things in our life, is the first step to learning to live a life of Holiness. This week I am only choosing things that bring me closer to Him. The way I speak, the way I dress, the way I handle my affairs (ya know, the things I do during the week ~ not marital affairs LOL). I don't think I have EVER done that for a whole week. Hey, I am just being honest. I do great refreshing over the weekend, but by Wednesday or Thursday I am so worn out and ready to push through to the weekend, I lose focus.

Love in Christ,

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