Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's been nice, but let's get the show on the road

It has been nice, being on vacation but let's get this show on the road! I am so ready for things to go back to a more normal feel around here. I have enjoyed time with hubby home along with the kids, but after nine days home, we not really are stir crazy, but.... it's just time!

I have loved being able to sleep in if I wanted, and to just have slower paced mornings. But, I am geared to move more and to get more things done. I just am not very productive with hubby home. It's our "down time" and time to relax. Tomorrow, the kids are going to stay the night at their grandparents since I have meetings and room stuff to do on Monday. The kids in our district (including our preschool) do not return until Tuesday. So, after church tomorrow they will go over for their sleep over and I will return for the last few hours of relaxation before the chaos of content begins. I say that, because I  LOVE our days that are on a schedule.

I am not your typical morning person. I love mornings, but I don't like breakfast! I really have a bad attitude about it. Not eating it ~ but preparing it. I really don't know why, but it is like I almost resent preparing breakfast. I am working on that. BIG TIME! If I have to be honest, it is because I want my computer time ~ and my selfishness totally keeps me from being as devoted to taking care of my family like I want to. As much as I love some of my morning chats with a friend close to my heart, I am going to have to simply NOT log on the computer in the mornings. Period. Instead, I will spend time in the Word, take care of my home, and family, prep myself for the day. BUT but doing that, it will free up my time in the afternoon between the time I get home and the kids begin coming home to blog before I begin my afternoon home blessings and cooking dinner. This is the time of my life where I am putting my priorities in order. The computer is not an appropriate priority for me. Many of you know that I struggle with addiction to the computer. I am simply going to take steps to correct that behavior. In other words, I am going to use control and not be online when I should be tending to  my family and/or home. My hobby, has become an obsession and I must correct my behavior. In other words, I am simply laying down another idol. If you are reading this, please pray for me, because this is BIG. This is as big if not bigger then my scale addiction was.

If you have been a reader here for very long, you know my taste in music is not the "norm" for our society. I love Jim Brickman, and his music just moves me and soothes me at the same time. I love Toby Mac and Mandesa and all of Hillsong/Planet Shakers/ Gateway music. BUT.... this type of music (Jim Brickman) tends to allow me to listen to the quiet voice of God, the prompting of the Holy Spirit all while being soothed and moved in my day. For Christmas my parents blessed me with three of his CD's! I can't wait to pop one in on the sound system  and bask in the beauty of the morning each and every morning! I can imagine what lovely things may happen, and it is encouraging to me. Another "Good, Better, Best" kind of move if you ask me. (a year and a half later, i still have some of the same struggles! Lord Help me surrender every moment of my day to you!)

I am posting this post, then adding the rest of our New Year's Day traditional dinner under way. I like to offer it up at lunch time, and then the fam can just have left overs for dinner. Hubby likes it that way, and usually by lunchtime he is ready for some good ol cookin anyhow! :)

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  1. I am with you on the computer time addiction.... and as I struggle with this same one I will remember you in prayer!!!

    Much blessings for you today!


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