Saturday, January 29, 2011

Less is More Saturday catch up

I have been working with the thoughts "less is more", and trying to adapt it to all areas of my life. Every. Single. One.

Do you know hard that is? I mean seriously. I am humbled every time I get hold of the thoughts, that it isn't all about me. I don't truly think we realize how selfish we can be in our day to day life. And I don't think we could possibly even comprehend it until we humble ourselves and ask God to begin changing our hearts.

In the drive thru
I took the time, and pleasure yesterday to enjoy a nice Java Chip Frap (no whip please) from the local coffee chain (rhymes with carstucks). I had used a gift card that one of my treasures at preschool gave me for Christmas, and realized there was a few cents left on it. I then handed that card, along with another one that had almost four dollars on it and asked the cashier to use it towards the car behind me's purchase. I left sipping on my frap and with a joyful heart knowing I just blessed someone else. (therefore less of me)

At Breakfast
I have never really been one to enjoy cooking breakfast. As a kid, growing up I didn't enjoy eating it. However, I am making an effort to cook breakfast more often then not. Cooking eggs and toast rather then throwing granola bars or pop tarts on the table. Making a coffee cake instead of running through the drive thru of Snowflake donuts. I realize when I do this my kids get a kick start to their day, and I know they start off with more brain food rather then  garbage. When I do this, I bless someone else. (therefore less of me)

I challenge you this week to begin making changes in the small things, such as breakfast. Step out of the comfort zone and buy someone's coffee. This world is too confined, too stuffy and until we truly embrace the less is more ~it won't change. I am willing to make the effort , even if it just changes my little world here at home.

Seeking More of Him,


  1. I SO needed this one today! I was having a self-centered pity-party earlier! So.....THANKS GOD, (and Shiela!) ~ Carol

  2. LOL, I think I will make my way to the nearest drive-through, JUST so I can try that one out. Wonderful. You're awesome Sheila :)

  3. Great post, was blessed to read it.


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