Saturday, January 22, 2011

Losing the self focus, and gaining freedom.

I am spending my Saturday morning, the way I like to best! The house is quiet, and up until a few minutes ago it was just me and a steaming cup of hot coffee.


One of the littles is up and watching Pink Panther! Hey, we live it up here in the King house! I don't mind my children watching cartoons, but I am very adamant about which cartoons they watch. It really appalls me the type of programming that is "suitable" for children now a days in the eyes of parents. Saddens me to no end.(I will get off that soap box before I get started!)

Well, one whole week without a TV in the Master Bedroom but, I think hubby may be caving ~though I pray he holds out until Summer. Not because of cost, but because well ~ I just would like to go without one in that particular room for awhile. So far, so good why mess with it?

Yesterday was my Friday to work, and I will have the next Friday off. The weekends seem to go so quickly when I work on Fridays! If you look at it, I really only have ONE day of my weekend to get things done, as we try to leave Sunday for church and family time ~ as well as getting ready for the week ahead. Church takes me away from home for 1/2 the day on Sunday, which I will gladly do. Anyway, my point is that I have a lot of house blessings to get done today, grocery shopping, menu planning, etc. I also want to get the Master Bedroom a good cleaning and organization. When all that is done, I will be pulling out something to do ~either continuing a knitting project, Valentine crafts for my home, or ...something crafty!

I have learned a lot this week. I have learned that I don 't need the computer as much as I thought. I don't need to get online as often as I used to. I have found  that I can find much contentment in my life ~without the added over stimulation of the "world wide web". I do however think I went through withdrawals, and had some unsure moments but this is a learning process. Honestly, for me it is still a part of the healing process. Part of the "finding myself" in a life that is not so self focused. Believe you me, I surely have been living a much larger self focused life then I would like to admit. When it becomes a "But *I* didn't want..." or "How come *I* but nobody..." kind of moment, it is too self focused. I can 't tell you how many times a day that conversations overheard are so self focused that even though you may be talking to someone, neither of you are listening to the other one ~just focusing on what YOU want to say. Listen to a conversation between two people and you will see what I mean. More of Him, less of me! In conversations, thoughts, dreams, I want MORE of Him, more of what He did/ is doing then anything *I* could possibly be doing. I want my thoughts on how God is being glorified in my day ~ not how *I* am going to get the glory. I want my dreams to be His dreams for me.


Having confidence, and assurance doesn't have to become so selfish and self absorbed. I challenge you today to go about your day vowing to not dominate conversations about yourself, do what only feels right for you, and putting your focus on HIM today ~ not you.

Focusing on Him alone today,

(P.S. I started this week back up to 158.4. As of yesterday, I am already back down to 153. Simply by being obedient, losing my greed for finding pleasure in food rather then in Him, and not eating past satisfaction. God is good! He is faithful, even when I struggle to even try to be.)

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  1. I am encouraged in this and thank you for sharing. I am going to pay attention to conversations, I love that more of Him and less of me in thing to pay attention to. :)
    I am also reminded too how little I need internet and have been considering fasting it this week. Maybe this is confirmation...


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