Monday, January 17, 2011

The Old Fashioned Revolution In Our Home


It is ironic that when the TV in the master bedroom went out on Friday night, that it would lead me to some kind of new revolution in my home. Well, a not so new one anyway. Where to begin on  sharing my heart today? Hmmm..  first, go getcha a nice cup of hot coffee ( or tea, or a cold glass of water) and let's chat a bit. You do have time, yes?

It isn't fair to tell you what revolution I am talking about without first telling you why. Or, should I tell you the revolution and then explain why? The confusion... Hmmm.... Okay. Here goes!

The Revolution & The "Why's" all wrapped up into one!

I am returning my home to what it should be. Call me old fashioned if you will, in fact I would like that. It is starting in my bedroom. (Lord willing). But it has already started in my heart. When that TV went out, I thought wow. This can't be. But when God began speaking, I realized for the most part, I am the one who watches that TV and in the evenings, it separates my family. Many times when hubby is watching something in the living room, I just go off in our room and watch what I want. I don't want to do that anymore. I don't want to separate from my husband like that. I realized how often I just did that to separate myself from everyone. I realize though that there is nothing I have to watch RIGHT then, and quite honestly, there isn't much good TV on anymore. It doesn't entertain me. It no longer brings me joy. I am willing to live without it. (I am praying, my husband is too ~ at least in the bedroom.) Taking away this "time robber', I will be returning to reading to my children at night (a devotional, the bible, and a couple of chapters out a book we will be reading) and praying with them before bed. I have done that consistently with the exception for the the last almost two years, when I became so self consumed. They have been asking, and i am obliging. That relaxes me ~ praying over and with my children, reading the Word to them. It does something to my heart that I can't even begin to describe. It is a place of peace, joy, and contentment. It will feel nice to not feel the pull to get done with things so I can run to the room to watch TV alone. I no longer desire that alone time, except alone time in the Lord. How will I spend that time you ask? OH goodness gracious, really? The Lord has blessed me with so much, there is so much i can do. I think in the next few weeks, I want to spend some time creating Valentine decorations and cards for my sweets. I want Valentines Day to be special in my home. I want to use that day to lavish love on my loves. I have so neglected my family, I am almost in tears of joy that God has called my heart back home, and I have heard it, and will do it! I am knitting Prissy a scarf, that I pray knits up before the cold weather goes away LOL. I am ready to write, and removing the TV hurdle will be nice. I am ready to break back out my sewing machine. We are planting a garden in the Spring. There is plenty to keep me busy. I don't need the pressure of keeping up with the latest reality show, or talk show, or what have you.

Yesterday, I shared my feelings on returning to modesty, and more feminine dressing on my part.  This thrills me! I can't wait to begin revamping my wardrobe and see how God supplies that need. Believe me folks, it is a need! I want to present myself in a manner that brings honor to my husband, to my Lord, and encourages my own children to think about what they are wearing and why. It's not so much the "what" but the why that matters most. (Funny,it's the "Why" in all the areas that we struggle with, isn't it?)

I have learned a long hard lesson over the last few months. I can't allow God to be the King in only ONE area of my life. I MUST look to Him, in all things, in all areas. I am excited to be making these changes. I am honored that He has called me to such a responsible place right now, and the only thing I can do is to listen and obey Him. I am learning more and more that "It's not about me", but it is about what He has called me to be. And right now~ I need to the one who creates a safe haven in our home, a place where the kids and husband feel relief in the day not stress. A place where we can share the struggles and desires of our hearts, and be free to pray with and for one another.

God is calling me home. Not home with Him yet, but HERE. Where I sit. While I am called to blog and share with you other ladies, I may have to pull away from blogging on the days I work, and then when I am off I need to realize my time first goes with the Lord, then with my family. Throwing poptarts on the table, doesn't count as breakfast anymore. Asking the kids to "leave me alone for five minutes so I can finish this blog" doesn't count as parenting anymore. As God leads me, I will blog. On those days the need is deep within me, but He tells me wait ~ I will blog but on paper! LOL Last week I began just journaling some prayers, and thoughts, and while I didnt' share them all with you, it is okay. I realize I don't have to share everything going on, though I know I have been there as a blog reading wanting people to share more then they did. It wasn't that I wanted them to live on the computer, but their life inspired me. I feel honored that God is calling me to a more old fashioned way of life, one that totally  goes against the grain of our self absorbed society.

Until next time, I pray your home is blessed, that your heart is full, and that your home becomes a safe haven too.

Love in Christ,


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