Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pink Chickens Unite! Less is more

Little did I know when the words "less is more" popped in my heart back in December how much that would really mean, what it would entail, and how inspired I would get.

Jayme over at Tales from the Coop Keeper has really inspired many of us to take the bull by the horns or the chicken by the legs so to speak! Less really is MORE! And I heard a neat little cliche on the radio the other day which made me smile since I announced I was cooking more at home, "Dining in is the new eating out". 

Well, I was blessed yesterday and it has led me to begin looking where I can cut other expenses. See, I had to take our DVR box back into Comcast (our cable company) to be replaced because it was serving up a disk error instead of what I wanted to dvr. Not really my cup of tea when I wanted to watch something that I was supposed to have recorded, and I couldn't. Anyway, when the customer service rep opened up our account the first thing she said to me was "Wow! Your paying too much!". I said "THANK YOU!". lol! Finally one of their own admitted it! Anyway, she re bundled what we already had, and now will save me over fifty dollars a month ~ without any changes. THAT is amazing. Sure, I know we could cut back on what we have already, but.... my husband is the TV guy and I can't yet convince him to change that. And ... I am okay with that. He is the head of my home after all LOL. (That is $600.00 a year!)

I have been inspired to return to using coupons in my grocery shopping ~ for items that we actually use, and are already on sale. NOT just because it would be cheap! I know many couponers who are out for the thrill ~ buy it even if it only costs them 1.00 ~ I'll find someone to use it. Guess what?! I will share my coupons! LOL I will save that 1.00 for something I actually use, and enjoy using. Sometimes I will buy the store brand, but I am very picky. I don't want my "frugality" to come at a compromise for quality.

I have been inspired to cut down the heat (72 from 74) and up the air a bit (76 from 74). To open my windows when I can (depending on humidity, pollen, and temperature). Once the weather gets pretty and stay that way, there will be days I will ride my bike to work rather then taking the Explorer. Eventually I would like to cut down my small trips ~ even ordering online (as long as there is free shipping) verses driving all over town. Making gifts rather then buying them. Sewing my clothes, rather then always purchasing from Macy's. We are planning to plant a garden this Spring.

I would eventually like to return home ~ for good, and not work outside the home. I would like to start a career of writing, and having the time home from work would allow that. Since we have become a two income household, I would like to not make it such a "burden" for my husband to be the sole "bread" winner again. In fact, I would like to talk to my director about a new position for me ~ outside of my own classroom but doing some mentoring teaching. classroom organization, etc.

I plan on reducing the cost of my cellphone bill by choosing a talk/text ONLY plan. By doing this it will save me at least another 20 dollars a month. (That's $240.00 a year!)

Less is more!


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  1. I enjoyed reading your comment. I admit, it took weeks of courage to cut back on the things I did. Afterward, I thought to myself, 'Why was that SO hard?'

    You can do it! Pink chickens unite!

    The generic brands have become easier for me. There are things that take a little while to get used to ("fake" Doritos now taste way less salty than the real thing, which can't be a bad thing, right? There are others that I just won't go generic on. Don't worry, just picture the money your saving and where you'd like it to go, it's a motivator for me.

    Thanks for reading!


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