Monday, January 24, 2011

A rainy Monday

It's Monday. Again. But, in my tiny place of existence, I LOVE Mondays! For me, they are a time for me to embrace the freshness of the week. Today, it is no different. Well, with the exception that it is a rainy Monday.


I do love rainy days, but this winter we have seen more the we have in a while. Now mind you, we were very dry over the summer and fall seasons, so it's time. Today, I will purposely drink 2 glasses of whole milk to try to get more Vitamin D then I usually do. I thankfully am not feeling melancholy this morning, but instead refreshed and renewed, as rain often does.

I am going to be writing this afternoon. I was given a fresh look at an idea over the weekend, and I am just going to go with it. I can't wait to share with you, but that would take away the surprise! It truly is my desire to become a full time writer, and use the gift that God has given me in a fresh way. I need to stop letting fear control me, and hold me back from my dream, my hearts desire and something that I have felt the longing to do for so long. Learning to let go of FB (face book) and my desire to "stay connected" is helping me regain focus. Yes, in my home, and now in my writing. So, that may mean a bit less blogging because I need to let those juices be labored into the "book". I am sure I will still have a hello and "something" to say though on a regular basis. Ha ha!

Sharing in His love,

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