Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So much more.... (The first 15 of 1000)

Our lives were created for so much more the what we actually do with  it. I don't mean more work, but just embracing the moments ~ good, bad, and ugly because well..honestly, they are the moments of our life. I decided the other day to join Ann and many other bloggers to begin cherishing these moments, and gathering them to share. While this is a new habit for me, here is my first 15 of 1000. (One Thousand Gifts)

1. My church choir family! These tender moments together as we prepare to worship with our congregation ~while worshiping with one another is something that I wouldn't trade for anything.

2. The quiet times in my home ~where I can hear a board creak or a pecan hit the roof. It is in these quiet times that I can just be me.

3. Taking time to craft with my hands. It gives me a creative outlet as well as time to simply just be quiet, and enjoy the things going on around me.

4.Friends~those who stick with you over the years, even if you only get the chance to chat on facebook from time to time. The kind of friends that God puts in your life that are truly kindred spirits.

5. The moments when the quirky funny furry creature comes and wakes me up because he simply wanted to be petted, and no longer wanted to be the only one awake. Purring of course!

6. A giggle captured between siblings that wasn't intended for Mom to hear.

7. Knowing how well my sister raised her son, and the heart for the Lord that he has, before she passed away. My sister truly gave me a nudge without knowing to continue on helping my own children to realize how special that relationship with God should be.

8. Having some one on one time with the kids at school in an unconventional way. (The restroom in classroom is broken ~so, I usually utilize the ones in the hallway and take out 4 at a time. When you have 17 four (and a few are still three) year olds ~ it can get pretty hard to get one on one time.

9. Taking the time to embrace the moment, and realize that I have been focusing on so many of the wrong things ~looking at the bad more then what  COULD be good~ has changed me forever.

10. A smile from a new student, even when their is fear for a new environment.

11. Seeing the bond of our twins. ~There is nothing like it!

Kids in class drawing letters in shaving cream
 12. Watching kids click and begin to show that they have learned basic concepts that are builders to bigger and better things~and realize themselves how well they have learned.

13. The simple smell of a fresh cut lemon or orange.

14.The first pitter pater in the morning, and the anticipation of who woke up first.

15.The pleasurable fact that my kids still like to cuddle and snuggle even at 11 and 8.


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  1. Those are so sweet!

    Is that a picture of YOUR choir and church? If so -- lovely!

    Your package should arrive tomorrow. :o)

    I LOVE the font on your blog!


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