Monday, January 10, 2011

Taking a step forward in Boldness

Today, I plan on taking a step forward in boldness in my career. As I wrote this morning I am really ready to write, on a consistent level. I will be spending lots of time on Friday (my kidfree/husband free day off from work) perusing as many "free lance" Christian writing spots as I can, and continue working on my first Novel. As far as my teachig career goes, I am ready to move foward to something more. I am nervous, because while God spoke this change in me yesterday, I am going forth today to discuss it with my director. I am praying for favor this morning. There are parts of this plan (like no longer being in my own classroom) that she may not like, but there are some other aspects that will free her up to not have such a heavy load. I know today is the right day, because I can feel it in the pitt of my stomach. I pray that she is willing to hear out my proposition and pray on it herself. (We are much alike, I will be surprise if God hasn't already shared with her this idea himself!).

I am nervous but I will not walk in fear! I am confident in my skills to know where I could be of better purpose. Please pray for me this morning!


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