Friday, January 7, 2011

An unexpected jewel

The Confident Woman Devotional: 365 Daily Inspirations 

This is ONE of the two devotionals I am using this year. I am so glad that I have this particular one! I know many of women do not like Joyce Meyer, but I have always found some truth to what she shares, and how she shares. Thank goodness we are not all the same, right? I am so thankful that there are so many Christian speakers, where we can all find someone that inspires us right.

Anyway, on Wednesday night, I read that days' devotion. (Evening time seems to really be a better time for me to sit and dig into the Word some.) At the end of the devotion there was a little prayer that I prayed, and let me tell you ~ it brought me to tears. Tears of hope! Tears of recognition of where God has brought me.  Tears of joy.

The prayer went like this:
Lord,You and I are both well aware of my imperfections. I ask You to shine Your light through my life, and know that You get every ounce of glory for it. Amen

The devotion was titled "Cracked Pots", and I have heard Joyce speak of this before. The theory is we are like clay pots with cracks in it. God is the light inside this clay pot, and through all of the imperfections in the pot (you and I) His light shines through the cracks.

I was given a jewel on Thursday morning. And the funny thing is, it came through face book! I promised the person who sent this to me that I would keep her name "anonymous", but I am ever grateful for her sharing her heart, and allowing me to see that indeed His light is shining through my life.

Sheila I just wanted to send you a quick little note to say thank you for the messages u update on your life with God it has really been very helpful to me.. I have been distant from him since losing my mom dad and uncle.. Your updates have really made me think how I need to forgive God and thank him for all the blessings he has given and still gives everyday.. I'm trying to step forward in faith.. Its hard but I know he will be there to help me.. Seeing everything he does for u I know I can do this.. Again thank you so much and keep up the great work you are a blessing to a lot of people.. Love u lots..

I still read this, and still get teary eyed. How many times do we ask that the Lord use us to bring more of His people to Him, but never really give it a second thought?! We need to be living our lives, and sharing them ~ otherwise we might as well hide His light in a box where no one can see.

Love in Christ,

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  1. I am reading the Confident Woman and I like Joyce Meyers. My mom turned me onto her. Have a good weekend Sheila.


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