Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A change of heart, just in time for Valentines!

This is an old picture. We are expecting the first snow of this Winter on Friday.

February. The month of love. The month for lovers. Have I mentioned the joy stirred up on the inside of me, about showing my family some special love onValentine's Day this year?(It began immediately after Christmas!) It's already the first of February, so I better get busy on those plans so I can follow through.

Coffee Love!
 Now, to the nitty gritty of the post! Thank you to each of you who replied to my blog post from Sunday, whether it be via comments here, emails, or even a live chat on Facebook. I do appreciate each one of you who responded and am blessed to know so many of you truly do care about me. Not about my progress, but about me specifically. I think in the future though, when I write one of those 'I am giving up on God's way and doing it mine' I will simply "save" it , and if I follow through with it then hit publish. After the emotions of overeating ~which seems to cause some mania feeling episodes in me, I realize some big things in my life which has contributed to a month of playing tag with God. (I in no means want to sound disrespectful, this is just how it felt.)
I will be sharing once again over at Rebuilding Mrs. Sheila, because I believe when I had that one place to specifically share in my journey I was more open to dig deeper, and allow God to completely transform me. Moving it all over here, has put a hinderance in that progress, because I can't focus completely on that one thing. So, while I do like to wrap everything up here on this one little box, my "Freedom journey" which is now being continued again, will be documented over there. You can choose to follow me there, or you can simply just enjoy the musings that I post here.

Coming up this afternoon I will be posting a book review on a book I was sent in January. Until next time, may God bring you many blessings!



  1. from a book I'm reading
    " Do you see the absurdity of our stress? We are very busy and anxious about the very things God has already said he’s taking care of. We are relentless in our pursuit of what he has already promised to deliver. We micromanage the concerns we’ve allegedly asked Him to handle."

    I go through phases of wanting to cut out dairy, sugar, wheat, "processed foods" etc and it is such a bondage. God has already decided the boundaries for a healthy life and that is moderation. Bread was consumed in Jesus' days. White rice and pasta has been a staple of many European and Asian cultures. Almost every culture reserves a place for dessert at the end of a meal. And we still think that we can outdo God in some way. Moderation in all foods is the key. If we have a hard time with certain foods ( we are overeating it) it is still the heart that needs changing and not the food. It is not the food's fault.

    Love your blog btw :)

  2. Mrs. Sheila, you do not have to ever apologize for sharing your heart on you blog. That is what a blog is for. Being open and honest is what makes your blog so awesome... it is what makes you human, and we are all human. I love your blogs, and will foloow you on both. Thanks for sharing your heart.


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