Friday, February 4, 2011

Changing your life in one "easy" step

Over at Rebuilding Mrs. Sheila I have been talking about doing the hardest walk of my life ~ The death to self walk. Hard I tell you. But in this process I am learning something new. Something strange to me. See, when we walk away from a self induced self focused life, we leave ourselves open for more. We become vulnerable. We indeed leave an empty spot in that heart, and then we must be careful with what we fill that empty spot with. We are not doing a "death to self" walk, to enable more room to fill our heart and our lives with anything other then more of Him.


There is so much in my life that will be obvious to some that will change ~ must change because I believe what's in the above picture. You truly do change your life by changing your heart. What you focus on will change on how you live, where your importance will be.  While I can say I have come a long way, I can be honest and say I have a long way to go still. It's all a learning process.

In our home, we are slowly making changing to shift our focus off ourselves. I want our first question to be "how can I help you" before, "what I can do for myself". I see it.... there is so much selfishness in our world, in our families, in our homes, and sadly in our hearts, that the generations of tomorrow will have a tougher time understanding the selfless life of Jesus, and being able to grasp the understanding of  the word "sacrifice". Sacrifice not out of need but out of priority.

Spring cleaning time is coming. It will soon be time to dig through closets and pull out clothes out grown, or items unworn. We will not replace those items in a one to one way. Meaning we toss one thing, replace one thing. No. Gone are the days of living in abundance, especially when the world is screaming we MUST have more to be happy. What a crock! I want my children to have more then I did ~but not in material ways. In Godly wisdom, in understanding that the world does NOT have to revolve about them. That rewards and good things are not always just given ~that sometimes they have to be earned and worked for. In the realization that just because it's the newest, biggest, or greatest ~ doesn't mean we have to own it. SOMETIMES... less is more! In fact, less is more all the time.


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