Saturday, February 19, 2011

They are little for just a time....

This weekend I have been so convicted of how important our roles of parents are. Not just in making sure our kids are raised with manners (yes, my children use "sir" and "ma'am" ~ I am from the South, and that is how my husband and I were raised, and how we are raising our kids. It's sad that children are NOT taught respect.), healthy, and are able to take responsibility for their actions. We as parents, are supposed to be parenting our children in a way that builds character within them, not allowing their character to just "happen".


Our children are born with trust in their parents to lead them the right way, but those parents who do not take their role seriously are ruining not only a generation, but many that will follow. I have taught preschool for six years, and I can tell you that there has been a HUGE shift in these kids, and not in a good way.

I am experiencing new things this year within my own children. We have one who started Jr. High (Middle school for some of you), and we are learning day by day more and more about modesty, and how we can become a stumbling block for others. I never thought I would have to talk about that with an eleven year old. I am giving lessons on proper phone manners and how we don't talk to everyone around us while on the phone with someone else. We use our manners on the phone. We are learning the importance of speaking to those who speak to you with kindness and not just a grumble or a nod of the head.

I am in the throws of having to tell my children that they can't play with kids down the street though I have given it the best try I can. When I not only see my children's attitude change, but to have my parental authority questioned not only by the other children, but their parents as well ~ I don't have time for that nonsense. If I said that one of my children cannot go somewhere with you ~ don't ask me why! Respect my wishes. And DON"T send your child to ask why I said no, especially since I personally do not know you well and your children are not being raised with respect. Yes, I know that I can't keep my kids in a bubble, but right now ~ I CAN be their biggest influence (as God has called me to be) and remove anything that pulls from those values. There are other things that have happened that I just don't want to into, and I have prayed for a solution, but from the get go I have felt that weird feeling that something isn't right.

I am honored and blessed by the choice God has made in making the husband and I parents ~together. We make a great team. Sure we have had bumps in the road, but this journey has been beautiful. Our children are not ours ~they have been given back to the Lord, we are just the ones who were chosen to parent them. It's a big responsibility and one that isn't taken seriously enough.

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  1. My oldest turns 17 next week. I cannot tell you how fast time goes by. Enjoy every moment of their little lives.


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