Monday, March 14, 2011

16 to 30 of One Thousands Gifts

Remember that list I started?! OH I am so behind! (So, to catch up I am going to do a post every day this week ~ Since it is Spring Break and I have a bit more time. Perhaps daily looking for those little moments will spur a whole new being within.)

Today, I don't have pictures for what I am going to share, so please forgive.

16. Having a Dr I feel comfortable enough to giggle and joke around with. Dr. Walker is one of the best professionals in my life, and I am ever grateful that when I began seeing her, she opened the doors of her heart, listened to many of my concerns, and was willing to help to find an answer.

17. Rain. We have gotten quite a bit today, and while it is tricky to drive through, I am ever thankful for the rain that falls from the sky. It tends to give new life to my plants ~ life that doesn't come from my faucet. Sure, water is water, but I am convinced that there is something special about rain water.

18. Time off. This week is Spring Break. While, most adults do not get to indulge on such a thing, being a teacher allows me that special time! I love having time to let go of hard core schedules, embrace moments in our day that is not a usual circumstance. Today, we had lunch out with my mother! What fun!

19. Realizing how healthy I really am. I am 37, and have great blood pressure despite the crazy amount of sodium that is in my typical day! I am at a pretty healthy weight, and I am active.

20. Again, my church family.While, last time I expressed joy for my Choir family, today I want to express the love and adoration for the pastoral staff at Grace. I am so blessed to be attending a church that non only fosters to encourage Spiritual growth, but grows on their own as well. I love how at times, there may be something planned, but they are wise enough to say: "Today, I am going to let the Holy spirit just lead" and that is exactly what happened during Praise and Worship time on Sunday.

21. Music. This is one that may occur over many times by the time I hit 1000. I am musically motivated, and can be taken to good places through music. Sometimes it'slow and slow ~ but there are other times I like it LOUD and FAST!

22. Warnings! I am ever thankful that even though we live in a place where Hurricanes are on our minds six months of the year, that we have warnings. Unlike Japan, we can plan our escape or at least have an idea of what to expect.

23.Books! I love books. Ones that make usappreciate friendships, the ones that change our lifestyles, and even some that make us realize we are NOT even close to being where we need to be.

24. My blackberry. Yes, I know it's just a phone, but it has been there at times I needed help and HAD to get a hold of someone, and vice versa. I don't even mind paying the extra to be able to indulge in the extras. At one time, I had considered reducing my cell phone debt, but since have decided it was worth the investment.

25. The funny things I hear on a daily basis in my classroom! These kids just keep me joyful and young. Anyone who works with little children, and has a hard heart ~will NEVER be softened to the things of the Lord. I am convinced of that!

26. Sunshine, peeking out behind a dark storm cloud. It is such a vivid reminder that there is more to come, just as soon as the storm passes.

27. Coffee. Yes my "experience" with coffee in the mornings can often mimic that of passion between lovers, but oh it is so good! :) The cozy warm cup as I sit and wake up from a night of slumber. Coffee is good, but let me tell you ~ Coffee in the morning while reading the Word is even better!

28. Silence. Yes, this lady who loves laughing children, meowing/purring kitties, perking coffee, loud music, also loves peace and quiet. It seems this year, it has been more silence and less TV. I am turned off by lots of noise all day long. Give me a few moments, where I hear a car pass by on the wet pavement outside, the call of a dove in the morning, even a little serenade from an owl off in the distance. Silence is priceless!

29. The ability to share my heart and my life in words. Though I like to talk a lot, taking time to write out my thoughts, my burdens, my prayers, my hopes, my dreams, all just gives me an outlet to share who *I* am in a way that I am NOT ashamed to share.

30. Savings via coupons! I love being able to plop a few coupons down and totally get excited when I end up saving a bit of cashola and can walk away with more then I bargained for! LOVE IT!

Are you looking for those moments that need to be embraced. The moments of NOW? I highly encourage you to take time and start it today!

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