Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Less is More Update #..2 (maybe)

Less truly is more.

Less is best.

Less is what I like.

Today I wanted to catch you up on my "less is more" venture that the Lord began working deep within my heart for the new year ~ yeah months ago! I haven't nearly shared as much as I wanted to , because to be honest ~ I was on the more is needed right now mind track. I went through a spell where I seemed to spend more time online ~ but listening and seeking direction from people rather then from Him. I would run to friends and acquaintances more, and to Him less. While my intentions were good ~ it truly is not what God desires of us is it? Oh my soul got weary friends. And on the flip side of this, I am ever grateful it did. See, we never make solid changes in our life until we hit that place of weariness.

I have changed my eating lifestyle over the last few weeks, and because of that it totally brings the Less is more out in the visible existence even if just to myself. See, weight wise there hasn't been many changes and I am okay with that. I know it sounds crazy doesn't it? Even just a few weeks ago, I was worried about dropping a few more pounds before my 20th year school reunion this coming August. We tend to often think we have plenty of time.. why worry now? But too many times, we put it off until well... the reunion is here and I am the same weight and in comes doubt. BUT.... through this new eating lifestyle I have learned a few things that truly shows me how Less IS MORE! I am eating less, and because of that I am also moving more. I never understood the whole "energy rush" when running on empty until I actually did it for a few days. In fact, I went two solid weeks fasting two meals a day. In that time I became more productive, calmer, felt peace return around me, and believe it or not ~ my addiction to food is diminishing. When I was doing Weigh Down, the thought of food was always there. The questions like "did i eat too much?", "was that a real growl?", and "am I good enough" always fluttered in my head. I would ignore it ~ blame it on the devil , whatever, but it seemed something that was supposed to put those thoughts out of my life just seemed to heat them up and make them grow. Just Monday, I tried to return to those ways, away from fasting and had the worst day of my year so far. I was grumpy, moody, weepy, the energy level was gone, and all I wanted to do was bury my head in the sand. You can bet that yesterday I returned to my fasting lifestyle, and all was well with the world. It brings me closer to Him, and my desires change.

So, in this journey less is truly more for me. Less food means more energy. Less food focus, means I have the mind capabilities to focus on more things around me. Less stress, means more peace.

I am currently working on my budget for the Spring and Summer. That will be the next "less is more" post. Stay tuned, I owe you guys and gals a book giveaway, so the drawing for that is coming up on Thursday and will hopefully be mailed out by Friday.

Until next time ~ guard your heart. Anything that claims to remove the self focus, but yet makes you focus on yourself all throughout the day, is not a wise way to spend your time. Less is more!

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