Thursday, March 10, 2011

Somethings are bigger then you!

Can I be totally honest with you about something? I sure hope so, because well, when I am blogging that is just what it is. Pure Honesty! Please believe me when I say I totally am speaking out of truth and love!


Okay, here goes! Whatever your going through right this minute, is not as big as it seems. I know situations can get so time and mind consuming, but really ~ step outside that mind frame for a minute! Stop, evaluate, ponder, and even just get away for a little bit. Rest on it!

I get that many of you are going through financial problems, gas prices are still on the rise, jobs are sometimes hard to come by, there is a family member who is really ill. Guess what! These things will happen no matter what you do. There are always slumps in the economy, rough patches at work, arguments between spouses, discipline to be done with the children! BUT ... I have a secret for you.

It's not the situation, it's how you handle the situation that matters. Will you handle it with a joyful and thankful heart or will you handle it in depression and darkness? Getting mad at a salesclerk for their rudeness just continues a cycle within yourself AND them. Why not smile at them, wish them a blessed day, and pray for just that. That they are blessed beyond their wildes imagination and there is no where for them to look but up! When pumping the gas into your SUV, why not be thankful that we are able to so readily get the gas when we need and pray for those who are struggling worse then you. THERE IS ALWAYS someone worse off then you! When sneezing because of the tree pollen (Atchoo) be thankful it's not the flu, and pray for those who are ill in their body.

Yes, I live to be a Suzie Homemaker, and I believe life should be full of roses and butterfies. There is nothing wrong with that! But I can tell you one thing, when things seem rough, or not like I want them to seem, I have learned to not make rash decisions right away. There is time to pray, and ask God to show me clarity in the situation, and to be able to see the things I should be thankful for. This Thursday, that is my prayer for you. Step out of your situation, and begin allowing God to use those to increase your faith in HIM! I promise you, if you take this challenge, you too may just become someone who can find the good in all things.

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