Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's not about you.. really!

I am moved more and more in my life to not make the everyday existence be about me. Do you know how hard that is, in a world where everyone wants to make every situation about them?

Being a wife and a mother has helped. But you want to know something? Being a christian is making even MORE prevailent that nothing in this world is about me. It's all about HIM! Every single thing I do isn't about making my life the most pleasurable, but instead being the most pleasureable moment by moment sacrafice for God and His glory, not my own. Now, don't get me wrong. When I choose to walk this way, I am blessed to see that my life is much better anyway. I see the blessings. I see when I allow God to lead me in EVERY aspect of my life, that I truly do not have any worries. He goes before me taking care of many things before I even see it. That to me is worth every chance I have to die to my own will, and want and DESIRE God's will instead.

One of the hardest areas of living this kind of life (The whole it's not aboutt me) is in my marriage. The word's way for the last thirty years or so has been "Equality". Guess what. There isn't any equality. God created women to be the man's help mate. NOT his superior. When you make your marriage all about YOU and YOUR WANTS then ... you have put yourself in that place. I work outside of the home, yet my schedule is much looser then my husbands. I do the caretaking of the home. I do it often with joy, but not enough. I need to work on that. My husband is an excellent provider and works very hard for our family.

Sometimes in my parenting, I can begin to whine "what about me" when it seems like I haven't had a quiet moments peace all day. When I am picking up dirty clothes YET AGAIN in the children's room, sorting socks that finally made it to the wash, reminding to do homework and chores, fixing bicycle booboos, endless neighborhood snacks, the list that could go on and on. These children are so precious, and are NOT in my care forever. I do not have forever with them. It's not about me. It's about raising them to love God with all their heart, minds, souls, and strength.

Even in the classroom it can become "all about me" when I begin to do assessments and comparisons. Because, if the child didn't "get it" it must be MY fault, or MY teaching, or even MY burden. I take credit for what the children have learned, not what God has shown me to teach them. I truly am just a servant to God the most High with these kids. They are NOT mine, but I love them like mine. I again, do not have forever with them. My time with them is much shorter ~ one year at the most. It can't be about me, when my time is so limited.

I challenge you today, to get in prayer and ask God to help remind you that it's not about you! It never HAS been about you.

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