Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jelly Bean Bark

Jelly Bean Bark was a new thing for us this Easter. The kids love it, it is super sweet so a little goes a LONG way! This would be great also at Valentines day by tinting the bark pink with sour cherry candies, or even Fall festivals with tinting it orange and using all black jelly beans (or.... fall colored M&M's).

Almond Bark (White Candy Coating)
Bag of Jelly Beans
Foil (for easy clean up)
9x13 pan

Line pan with foil. Melt candy coating on top of a double boiler. Pour 1/2 the bag of jelly beans into pan. Pour melted candy coating on top. Push the jelly beans to get into coating if needed (I used a silicone spatula and had no trouble with it sticking). Top with remaining jelly beans. Set in fridge until set (about 10 or 15 minutes). Break into pieces. Great for teacher gifts, class parties, or anytime you want to sugar up someone! Ha Ha!

*Starburst jellybeans and Kroger candy coating were just ingredients I choose to use. I was not paid to share this recipe or suggest these products!* **P.S. Besides jellybelly jelly beans, Starburst REALLY ARE the best jelly beans around!**

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