Sunday, April 24, 2011

One thing my momma taught me...


It didn't dawn on me how the many things we learn growing up either by personal experience, or simply being exposed to the experience effects and influences us in our adult life. It is encouraging me daily to realize the actions and reactions that come natural to me (both positive and negative), and how they are influencing my children.

One thing I have realized that I have applied to my life, that was instilled in me from my momma is making sure the kitchen is cleaned after dinner (as well as breakfast and lunch too). It really isn't a very hard habit to get into. I know how tiring cooking can be ( at least I used to feel that way), but once I realized that it was a blessing to my family, I no longer minded cooking ~ or cleaning up afterwards! I have pretty much got it down to a "science' if you will.... and would love to share what I am doing that makes it so quick, and not a burden at all.

1. While dinner (or the meal of preference) is cooking, I get a sink of hot sudsy water ready. I simply wash the dishes as I go. I have learned that if I put the food I have cooked into serving bowls, and wash up those cooking dishes right away ~ it is not a struggle. I don't have to serve around dirty dishes, and it encourages me to push forward after the meal to do the final pickup.

2. I often pack leftovers for my husband's lunch, so I prepare that container before the food is even set on the table. (This ensures that hubby has lunch, AND.... we often do not realize the over eating we do simply because it is there. This takes care of both of those.)

3. As dinner is done, food is scraped into a bowl (we are about to be working on natural composting) or the trash, and dishes stacked beside the sink of sudsy water. As I gather all the dirty dishes into one group, I first wash them, and place them in the drying rack to air dry. (Using hot water, they dry fast. Also, please note I do not have a dishwasher.)

4. Once the dishes are done, I wipe down the stove, and the cabinets.

5. I also take this moment to prepare the coffee pot for the next morning. Both husband and I enjoy our morning coffee, and it is nice to be able to just push a button rather then mentally function to prepare it at 4:30am!

6. Now that the dishes are done and dry, and the counter tops are wiped down, I put away the dishes. Yes I do!

7. Now, it's time to sweep, and run a light mop over the kitchen floor. Often I do mop my kitchen floor daily, because we often spill things, drop things, and it is a high traffic area.

8. The last thing I do before the lights go out in the kitchen is to take out the trash (if full).

Why wait for the morning to do any of these things?! It takes twice as long to do these things if I put it off for tomorrow. Why? Dried on food, procrastination, and extra filth from allowing it all to sit there just starts my day (or later part of the day if it was lunch or breakfast) off on the wrong foot. I often hear of "busy mothers" not having the time, but I am just as busy as any other mother. For me, it is often a sign of rebellion or resentment that keeps me from doing what I need to do in my home, versus time or energy. As I begin taking inventory of my heart and doing something about it, I am seeing that my momma is one wise woman!

I would love to hear something your momma taught you! Please leave it in the comments below!

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  1. Sheila, you do this mama proud. You did listen to me as we were working in the kitchen together and are now teaching your children lifes lessons by example as well as instruction. It is as much what they see as what they are told. It is in these everday chores that we can reach our children easily and leave an example that they will always remember. One day you will be as blessed as I am blessed as I see daily the parent you have become. You have always and continue to be one great big blessing to me.


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