Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring has definitely sprung in the trees and my heart!

Today I have seen proof that Spring has definitely sprung! Our pecan tree's are budding! They are usually the last ones, hanging on till we get through that last cold front, and always at least mid March if not the beginning of April which has proved true this year.


I love Spring! It is truly one of my favorite seasons, and the reason is because it wells up HOPE! Hope of warmer weather, new beginnings, new growth, and much more. Yes, I am a simple person and I adore the little things! Completely! And the closer I get to God day by day, the more simple I become. I realize how little I really need to be happy. Unity in my home between my husband and I, children using their manners by choice, and the basics of life such as meals, clothing, and the Word. If I had nothing else, I can honestly say I would be content!

More and more, I am moving into a new season, and I can for once say I am excited. Sometimes the end of one season, can bring anticipation, anxiety, or even fear. And I had that, all of those, as this season began to approach. No, not spring, but the physical/emotional/spiritual season I am just breaking into. I was avoiding it, pushing back as far as I can, because it meant I had to let go of my "comfort zone". Little did I know, how great a place it is to be away from that comfort zone, and into a new place. What I thought brought me comfort, really was holding me back.

For those of you who are/were only a reader of this blog, you might not know all the things I have been facing internally/spiritually. I have laid down many idols, but I am sure that process is not complete. My latest thing was the fact that a simple thing like "weight loss" had become something I began to worship. It consumed me. Conversations consumed it. My free time was consumed by researching, looking for those in the same kind of "pit" I was in, even friendships revolved around it. So much so, that *I* was holding myself back from being "finished" with that part of the journey. I would keep it where I would gain/lose the same 10 to 15 pounds over and over. But God is good, He saved me from myself. I am ever thankful for His spirit that reigns within me, showing me the things I need to lay down.

Spring is a time of renewal and restoration. It's a good time to dig in drawers, hidden closets, even what is hiding in the dark places of our homes and lives, and remove those things that are no longer fruitful in our lives.  The process may be dirty, dark, and long, but the rewards are wonderful!

Just this morning before I got ready for church, I stepped outside with a cup of coffee and simply sat. I looked up at our trees outside, watched the doves as they began flittering telling the world good morning, watching the empty branches wave in the breeze. I am completely amazed by God's creation this time of year. I enjoyed every brief moment that I was out there. I long to go out in the morning tomorrow with His word, my cup of coffee and just enjoy the word as it wakes up for a new day.

That is just one thing that began changing in me just this past week. See, in the mornings, I run to the computer with my cup of coffee. Often to read blogs, catch up on facebook, and clear out email. BUT.... as I let go of that worship of weight loss, I realized just how much of my time was taken up on all things like that. Now, that my eyes have been opened a bit more, my longing is to be in His word! I want to soak up as much of Him as I can! I am learning how little I need to be happy!

Unfortnately I also am seeing how much I run to things in this world for inspiration and direction. The sad part of that is that is a "normal" thing for our Society. Why do you think Facebook is such a daily existence in our day? While I love getting inspiration from blogs, I need to be careful for allowing those things to become my "daily Word", and STOP looking to people and things for inspiration and instead allow God's wonderful presence and HIS WORD to be my inspiration!

"When we are not diligently in the Word, our inspiration then comes from the world." ~John Bevere

I can't wait to share more in this topic, and how God is moving me to look to HIM for my inspiration! Guess what~ that lets YOU off the hook! AMEN!


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