Thursday, May 26, 2011

I will NOT go there!

It seems as summer vacations are being announced everywhere, I should be overjoyed as a teacher, knowing that mine is coming soon. But I am not. Instead I feel miserable, stressed, overwhelmed, irritable, etc. BUT I AM NOT going to go there!

I Praise YOU God for seasons in our life where we can ONLY come to you for comfort ~ where words aplenty from friends and family aren't enough. I Praise YOU God for loving me when I eat too much, too little, or are so freaked out by food I curl up in a corner and want to cry. I Praise YOU God, for your healing power, your peace, your perfect kinship.

I refuse to wallow in self pity though it would feel good! It would definitely feel justified. BUT  I will NOT go there! A Pity party is not my thang! BUT.... some peace and quiet is. Sometimes solitude, praying, reading, is. Sometimes going in hiding just to get through it all is.

I wanted to let y'all know, that I may be missing in action the next few days.... most likely until the first official day of summer starts for our family ~NEXT Friday.This may be a long weekend, but it is a birthday weekend/holiday weekend/ and one of those finishing up final touches weekends. In other words.... busy!


1 comment:

  1. I pray you'll have peace in every season Sheila. (((hugs)))

    Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!



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