Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sharing a great book AND a dream!

Just wanted to pop on and tell you that I have decided to pick up a book that I wasn't sure I really wanted to read. Guess what!? I am so glad I did! I am reading Unlimited by Jillian Michaels. Oh my word! I honestly checked it out from the library, but I am convinced that I want to order a copy of my very own from Amazon, and will do just that this afternoon.

As you know (if you have been a reader here for any length of time) I have a deep seeded dream to become a published writer. This summer, along with my Extreme Mom Makeover, I plan on taking steps to make this dream a reality! I have many avenues so I am going to start on one, and move forward as that approaches. Will I do solely Ebooks? I don't know. I seriously doubt it. The first thing I am writing though is targeted at Preschool Teachers, Parents of Preschoolers, and others who have a preschooler in their life. Working with preschoolers (and their parents as well as other preschool teachers) has taught me a lot AND opened my eyes to a lot of things that are often overlooked in a preschoolers life. Being in this profession I have always wanted to get my door into MOPS ~ but not as a parent, as a leader of some sort. As a speaker. Who knew it would one day be a dream of mine to be a public speaker and activist for preschoolers?! Please pray for me, as I take steps out of my comfort zone this summer to make this dream a reality. Pray for opened doors (and windows), for encouraging moments, AND for the words to come freely.

Only three more days of preschool for me for this school year. YAY! I am not sure who is more excited.. me or the kids! (I bet it's ME because I understand what that means!)


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  1. Wow! You go girl! As you step out in faith, God will bring more opportunities to your door. I have no doubt!


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