Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer's Comin ... it's gonna be different

As a preschool teacher with a rather large class this year, I am really ready for summer. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE TEACHING! Even the most difficult of children, are a blessing to me. God uses each and every one of those children to teach me something. I actually had to TEACH a child how to play this year, because the expectations at home were for him to be a man (yes, at 3). Our school year has gone from August 23, 2010 and will end on June 2, 2011. Every one of those days mattered! Every day with each of those children mattered. I pray that if anything, the Love of Christ was shown by my actions, words, and the way I handled some very tricky situations. I have grown TREMENDOUSLY spiritually during this year.

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My own kids have gone through some of their own milestones this school year. Firsts for all three of them. Our daughter has successfully gotten through her first year in Jr. High. (Middle School) The twins had gone through their FIRST regulated state test. All three of them are realizing that they are growing up some, and the standards for them have been risen. Not just here at home, but at school AND church as well. The girl will soon be in the youth at church, which leads her to a few new firsts as well. The boys, well they will get to experience their group at church without sister leading the way. See what I mean? Growth! We have had some growing pains, and have even wondered if we were being stunted. BUT.. God has been merciful, and has shown me His mercy endures forever!


This summer is by far going to be different then it has been in the last few summers. The kids have bikes (as do I) which will lead to a few bike rides by us all. It has also opened the doors to many kids that the kids now play with in our neighborhood.  I have seen some pro's and con's from that during this semester, but it is a learning experience for us all. This is the first year in a while we do not have a pool in the backyard. (Less work for me, but also less convenience for when we want to go swimming.) I have taken care of most of my "learning" hours for teaching this year, so there is no "Momma's going away for a few days" in July. I may only have to go ONE day! :) God is so good!


I have been encouraged to make this summer count, not only for myself but for our entire family. I want to be able to embrace many many many opportunities for our children to grow spiritually. I want to get a daily routine going with them so they can embrace God ~ and truly give themselves all the way to Him, and learn what it is to have a relationship. A REAL relationship. I am thinking a new topic of study for each month, maybe every few weeks and need to begin to try to find some already printed curriculum or... somehow create my own. Me, myself already have so many books (study books) that I need to tackle and GET THROUGH. See, I have a bad habit of starting a study but NOT finishing it. Summer is the perfect time to get in a good habit.
We have signed up for "Kids bowl free" at our local bowling alley. A dear friend of ours has a pool which opens up a chance to swim once or maybe twice a week (along with some good fellowship). I want the kids to dig into some good reading and possibly still writing reports once a week since we regularly visit the library (that will be one of our bike rides each week). (Hey, the teacher in me will never be squelched! I actually did that on my own when I was growing up! LOVED it!)

Trust me, there will be a time of rest as well, but I want our time at home to be meaningful and not just 'wasted' time. Perhaps I will allow them to have an online blog this summer to share their OWN experiences.


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