Friday, June 17, 2011

The Weeding of the Garden

 So many changes come in the seasons of life. Each season brings forth it's own heart ache, and rejoicing. Each season bringing forth hope and renewal, even in the difficult times. Each season, having birthing pains of their own.

Here in South East Texas on the Gulf Coast we have seen the hottest and driest summer ever (well, many many years). The heat is hard enough, BUT with the dry air and lack of rain, things are struggling to find life. Our gardens are suffering. My poor garden has all but given up. I rejoice in this, because I am able to be inside where it is cooler then 100 degrees. Our air conditioner is struggling to find enough life to keep up ~ but it is doing the best it can in the current conditions. I can't expect more then what it is doing. We need rain. Desperately.

Even with the lack of rain, weeds can be found. Choking weeds. Weeds that do not need much to keep them alive, yet wanting and waiting to take over once your not looking. Weeds. They are despicable.


They can be deceiving. Very deceiving especially if your not looking for them. We planted some blackberry bushes knowing they are a 2 year plant ~ simply meaning that it will be 2 years before we see the fruit of that labor. Well, as we were watering, I saw what i thought were the beginnings of the blackberry plants, so I excitedly made sure to give them a drink as well. Days, weeks went by before I realized that what I was watering was indeed a weed. With my tender care, that weed became very strong and deeply embedded.

There are many times we have weeds of our own in our lives. We may spend time admiring their beauty not realizing the devastation that could come from the admiration and tender care we put into them. These weeds may appear to be loyal, loving, and down right beautiful. For weeks, we brag about the "new flowers" and their amazing "growth" to friends and passerby's never seeing the smirks and questions on their face. It isn't until other areas in our lives that become so choked and barely breathing that we realize we must tend to that garden a bit better. When researching, we realize that these beautiful things we have been spending so much time on, time with, energy on, are indeed weeds. Not flowers. Not fruitful beings. Weeds. Weeds can't stick around if we want to see our gardens grow. They must be removed. Yes, there are sprays and weed killers, but to truly remove a weed from your garden it must be dug out by the root. No real way around it.

In my own life, God has been doing some of his own weeding. I never realized how many unfruitful relationships I spent time on. I never realized how many things I did in my day, that too were like weeds ~ beautiful, but useless. I am open. The garden of my life will be beautiful ~ because God is the best gardener around! Do you have weeds that need to be removed? It's a painful process, but afterwards when you can actually get a full breath without worrying about having enough, is glorious!


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