Friday, August 5, 2011

The last breaths of Summer

I sit here inside my air conditioned house in the office (what I like to call the little nook and cranny of the living room where the computer is located), and I hear it. I feel it. The last few breaths of Summer. In fact, I was noticing how I can hear the lullaby of the locusts outside, despite the TV on, and fans on high. They seem to be shouting lately, beckoning for us to embrace these last few moments of summer. The last few days of freedom within our schedules. The last drops of excessive heat before changes decides to blow in.

Now, don't get me wrong. It is HOT out there and l have lived here on the Gulf Coast of Texas for the greater part of my life. I know we have a lot more HOT days to come, before Autumn settles in nicely. But, it would be so nice even to have our highs just be in the upper 80's! (Come on September!)


The song of the locusts is a beautiful thing to me. And when I hear it knowing that soon the days are going to be so busy that I may not notice their greeting in the morning, it is that much more easier to hold onto it. To embrace it. To listen for it. And it motivates me, to make sure that I take time during our busyness to make sure that I embrace moments like these, even when other things are screaming for my attention.

I am ready. Ready to walk in that classroom and make a difference. I am ready. Ready to embrace the giggles, the mess, and yes, even the hard moments of consistency. I am ready to embrace the newness of a new school year, a remodeled school, the impending new season.  I am ready to tackle those "I wish I would have..." things that linger in my mind and get tangled up in self doubt.

I feel complete again. From the inside out. From the outside in even. I feel whole. I have found an exciting new fitness passion, and am finding complete balance in this crazy thing called life. But yet, in some weird way, I want to hold on to this very moment and not let go. I am not sure what tomorrow holds, and in some overprotective way, I want to protect this moment of now. To hold it, embrace it, and let it know how much I love it. How I adore the little things "now" brings within it. The moments that will fade as time goes forward.

As someone who used to always look for tomorrow, and have a plan for it, today is so much more then tomorrow can be. Today holds within it the "wow" factor. At the end of the day, I can look back upon it and see how it changed me, molded me into who I am. Tomorrow can't do that. Yesterday, even isn't anything like today is. Today holds more in the palm of it's hand then yesterday could only dream of.

Embrace the moment of now! Listen to the locusts outside, and enjoy the warmth of the heat upon your skin. This moment won't last forever.


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