Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Loving the moment

It is amazing to me how stunned some of my acquaintences were when I took a day off to spend with my husband. It was a great reminder, that it is easy to judge someone without knowing the circumstances behind which makes them act a certain way. Yes I am a teacher, and I called for a sub on a day in which no one was sick in my home. I called for a sub, so I could stay home. I called for a sub, because my husband is important to me.

Little did they know that he just came off a night shift that lasted from the day after Memorial Day until this past Saturday night. When he came home Sunday he was overjoyed and so was I. By Sunday afternoon we were talking and I made the statement that I would like to take the day off so that we can be together. He looked a bit shocked that I would even desire that let alone encourage it. He agreed it would be a good thing, so the motions got started.


Putting my husband into the place of priority where he belongs is just one way that our marriage has withstood hard and difficult times. I love our children, but they do not complete me. Don't get me wrong, each one of them have a piece of my heart but they were not created to complete me. They were a gift (and a responsibility) of God to my husband and I. My husband however, does complete me. He was created just for me, and our relationship is ever more important then any physical relationship on this earth. Yes God completes me ~ but just as when creating Adam he said it is not good for man to be a lone, and created Eve, God too created Hubby and I for one another.


That little bit of time, we did not do anything really special, but the specialness was that we were alone, together. The specialness we know is that it doesn't happen often, so we try to grab it when we can. We went to Academy and then spent the rest of the day at home. It was the MOST PRECIOUS time we've had in months ~ literally. So yes, I had a day off with no other intent then to be with my husband. It was nice! It was a recharge we both needed! God is so good to provide the little things we need like this.


I am WAY behind on my 31 days of.... posts. They are coming!

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