Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Secrets of Home Saturday: It's beginning to feel a lot like....

This is the second week in a row that I gave out a clue as to what this 'Secret' post would be about. Talk about being surprised this morning when I knew I needed to share again!


On my facebook page Thursday I had two separate posts about CHRISTMAS! Yes, Christmas. I was quickly informed by two friends that it was neither even Thanksgiving or Halloween yet. Trust me, I KNOW! But .... the spirit of Christmas is starting early in my heart! I am finding this inner joy and peace that I can't explain. Christmas is one of my favorite seasons. Yes it is a season ~ not just a holiday. Christmas should be year round, at least in the hearts of Christians. It is MORE then a commericalized gift giving session.

In fact, when it comes to gift giving ~ do you ever feel like if you get what someone wants or has put on a wish list that your actually just running an errand for them? A couple of years ago, I simply stopped asking what people wanted for Christmas and began shopping for them personally. I love going out and finding that perfect gift that is so right for the person I was shopping for.

But Christmas is so much more! What a celebration of a Savior to this World.! I love Christmas music, movies, themed dinners, etc. I have a feeling this Christmas feeling is going t o last for months! I was ill last Christmas, and it was a bit more difficult to find the joy ~ because I became a "Martha' and not a "Mary". Perhaps that is why this heart celebration has begun early!


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