Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Secrets of Home Saturday

I kind of let out this week's secret yesterday on my facebook page, but I couldn't help myself! :) My husband had a secret he let out of the bag early yesterday morning. In fact, it was in a conversation he was having with our cat Pumpkin that let the "cat out of the bag" so to speak!

My Explorer is officially paid off!! We got it in 2008, and I am so glad to know that it is officially ours. But, in the meantime the hubster has been driving around in his 1992 Ford F150, repairing it as needed. He loved this truck. It was hard for him to admit that it was time to replace it. But I tell you what. That truck still sits in our driveway. The only difference this morning is that it is further back in the driveway ~ to make room for this beauty!

Fabulous Secret of our Home! The hubster has a new truck! Woohoo! Now... where are those keys?!

I don't think he is gonna let me drive it for a while! LOL! That's okay. I have a hard working husband who really doesn't do much for himself  very often. It's his time to enjoy..... but one day! LOL


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