Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursdays: The Beginning

I did arise in a moving spirit of Thankfulness today. Perhaps it's the season, the time of year we begin to be thanking God for many things. Thanksgiving is next month after all. But what usually happens AFTER Thanksgiving? We get wrapped up (literally) in the upcoming Christmas holiday, that we often forget to be thankful.

Reading One Thousand Gifts for me, has been life changing. I have to read this book slowly. Digesting it as I go. Savoring what the Holy Spirit is revealing to me about my own heart, ministry. Knowing that it is not always easy to walk in our day remaining thankful. This morning my mind goes to SCROOGE. To be specific the version with George C. Scott in it. Charles Dickens was a genius! Walking in a spirit of Thanksgiving can bring transformation not only in those every day moments, our perspective but in lives!

So, in my effort of transforming, and allowing my life of thankfulness to change lives around me, here goes the first ever Thankful Thursday!

1. Warm clothes on a cool morning.
2. The ability to change the temperature in my home with the flick of a switch.
3. Laughter of  children.
4. Being able to sit and observe 16 three year olds, and embrace the way they communicate with one another enjoying every single sound.
5. The ability to express my heart in words ~ both written and spoken.
6. New friendships
7. My bible ~ the Word of the God Most High
8. morning coffee
9. Memories of childhood
10. Knowing my husband loves me unconditionally.


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