Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The best of laid out plans.....

Even the best planned out plans, those that should go down without a hitch, often destruct right before our very eyes. But in essence they become learning experiences ~ that is if we allow them too. See, last month I laid out a weekly round table of what I would post each day here on the blog, and in some sense it went off well. 


But here lately, especially this week when I thought I would have more time to invest into this blog, the Lord directed my path other ways. Since I am hosting Thanksgiving (and Christmas) again this year, I got it deep within my spirit to do a deep clean of the entire house. While doing this, I also got a hankering to do some crafting in preparation for decorating for Christmas. I feel so much more complete when I am working about my home, creating a clean and comfortable place for us all. I feel so very blessed to see an art project go from the starting phase, to completion.

Our days should not be so dictated by "things that need to be done" that we cannot hear the whispering of the Lord to check out a craft page or to scrub baseboards when that was NOT our intended plan for the day. In my heart I want to spend time investing and taking back what I have let go on some friendships of mine but.... on the other hand, the time that I am investing in our home, and the care of the atmosphere means so much more in the big scheme of things. Growing up, I do not remember my mom having a lot of friends over or that she spent a lot of time with. Sure she had friends, but they were NOT her priority. Her home, family, and the "little things" were her priority.

As I am maturing, I realize that yes I LIKE my friends, and would love to spend more time with them, often.... I am busy making our house a home ~ a safe haven. I am cleaning or cooking, or preparing for some event or another. I know many ladies who tend to be more involved with their friendships rather then the little things in life, that when we look back on remember so well. This is not to discredit the value of friendships by  any means, just a choice that is good to ponder from time to time. We fall in love with what we focus on. That is true. If we are focused on the bank account ~ we often focus on how to make or save more money. If we are focused on keeping up with the Jones' ~ we often focus on what others have, and make sure we have it too. If we are focused on God ~ we open ourselves up, empty any selfish desires, and allow Him to lead the way.

All this to say, that for a little while there will be regular posts, but not posts that have an agenda like: Menu plan Monday, Girl talk Tuesday, etc. That may resume in January, but for now in this season ~ the season of birth and life, the season of joy and Jesus, I commit to have no preplanned agenda. Instead, I will write as the Spirit leads, share what's on the heart, perhaps be able to inspire just ONE to seek more of Him this season.


As I go, to finish preparing our home and table for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow ~ let me leave you with one more thought. If you had ONE moment to be thankful ~ what would you be thankful for? Me? That each day has new life ~ new hope, new joy, new mercy.

Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours!

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