Friday, November 18, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Grow

It's that time again, time for Five Minute Friday with The Gypsy Mama! On Fridays we write for five uninterupted minutes (bliss to this momma this morning), with no editing, no over thinking nothing but pure writing on the topic given. So... please pardon any typos or misspelled words!

Topic: Grow
Start time: 5:40
Stop time: 5:45

This topic has been on my heart since yesterday already, so how fittin?! As a preschool teacher I get the lucky privelage to see little lives change before me as these children grow in so many ways.  From the end of August thru the beginning of June, there are so many milestones we hit in our room ~ but as I am getting older I realize that there are so many personal milestones these children reach as well. To see how they went from not being able to put a simple puzzle together to now being able to not only do a "hard' one, but BEG me to do puzzles! It was a total change of heart and attitude.

I see these little ones getting taller, wiser, have more manners, growing spiritually and I have to be honest ~ they inspire ME to do the same. My goal every single year isn't to get them to learn everything I have for them to learn as that will come when they are ready. My goal however is to get them to LOVE LEARNING. If a child can learn to love learning, then the actual learning isn't difficult.

The one thing that stands for everyone, is that we are all called to grow. Grow spiritually, emotionally, even physically. Growth is a beautiful thing but can so easily be overlooked. THAT is why I adore teaching. I am reminded so much more that we are no different if we are 2 , 22, or 92. We can all learn to grow!



  1. "we can all learn to grow." yes! and i need to remember to encourage my friends around me in the areas i see them growing. and my kids. sometimes it is hardest to see it in our own lives--an outside perspective can be helpful.

  2. First thank you for sharing your gift of teaching, I don't think teachers hear that enough! Praise God for the seeds you are planting in these babies. They are blessed to have you!! :-)


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