Friday, November 4, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Remember

Again, I am linking up with Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday, where bloggers unite with one word, write with NO editing, No over thinking, Nothing but pure writing and sharing of the heart.

Word: Remember
Start time: 5:53am
End time: 5:58am

As each year adds to my age by one, I truly believe it brings just that much wisdom. With wisdom comes knowledge. When I was young there were some things of my past I would tell myself I needed to forget, and never remember. As I am older and wiser, I realize that indeed it is important to remember the things that brought pain, shame, and what not along with the good things. It was part of who we were at that moment, in that season of our lives. It is often those things that mold us into what we are NOW. It is difficult to conjure up those feelings, and to deal with them,but the older I get the more I realize how important it is to share those things. There are hurting people out there, those who need guidance, and even those who simply just want to know they are not alone. God is indeed at work in this season of my life, and it is through taking time to remember where I once was, that I appreciate where I am right now. I find contentment through taking time to remember. Just this week, I had to be taken back to realize others who know me now but not then ~ may not understand that I indeed get their struggles. I get how hard it is to purposely sit down and read the Word of God ~ for enjoyment no less! I get how easy it would be to stay snuggled under the covers on a Sunday morning, rather then fighting for a parking spot, and putting on a happy face for church. I have been there! I have been where my kids are so small and busy that we felt lucky to have clean towels and a hot meal!

It is when we REMEMBER, that we allow ourselves to become transparent and real to those who only see a shadow of who we are today.



  1. I've moved around a lot in the past couple of years and I always find myself trying to make new friends and connect on a deeper level. It is so tough when you feel like people are only getting to know a tiny snapshot of your life when you inevitably know the rest of the story. The road you have walked that has made you who you are. I loved your 5 minutes! Thanks for sharing. Just stumbled over from the Gypsy Mama!

  2. I agree. It is good to remember where we have come from and what God has done in our lives.

    I also agree that transparency is good!

    Love & hugs,


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