Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday's Special: Responsibility

This Sunday is special in a way! See, I am not at worship this morning, and yet no one is sick. I am at home even right now, sipping coffee and listening to Christmas Instrumentals on Pandora. This is not our usual Sunday morning. The hubster is even sitting at work, rather then in his recliner here in the living area of our home.

Eyes of wonder ~ from a 12 year old girl

We have been pretty busy around here simply with life. I have begun working five days a week every week rather then every other, which has shifted time in which I would normally get things done. Little things. Mopping, grocery shopping, catching up with friends. This weekend was a ladies event at our church, and can I just say how blessed I am by the place where God has personally placed me and our children to worship. I am blessed by these women, who encourage me to grow and continue to seek out God's will for my life ~ seeking HIS face, not the face of others. I have been challenged in ways i had NO clue I would be, and am honored that I am so entrusted in HIS truth, with His truth to share with others.

"Whas up?"......... Who knew he was so cool?!
 This morning as I reflect on where I am right now in my life, and where God is leading me I am just in awe. Many women, hurting women, have told me how much my writing encourages them to simply live better. That is a huge responsibility. I need to be careful. Careful at what I share ~ is it God's truth, or something I am simply repeating that I heard or read from someone else? Careful as to how I live my life, because it is obviously being watched. I am a natural leader, and I get that. It overwhelms me, but it is at the same time a beautiful thing.

It has been nice having a slow paced morning. I have a feeling today is going to be a productive day, one that is full of many different aspects of my life. I have been blogging at another blog for a while now, and as of this morning that is over. Simply because I am me. I am one person and thank the Lord I do not suffer from a multi personality disorder!

He melts my heart every single time! :) Those deep blue eyes... smile... joy!
The boys are enjoying a new found RELOVE for the wiifit and are having a blast! It's the weekend! This is the only time they are allowed to play on the Wii (and that will cut off here in a while to get outside to play), and to play with friends. Wii is a big distraction during the week when our focus should be on school, and family. And right now, playing with friends in the neighborhood seems to be a distraction from making right choices as well. *sigh* it's so hard being a parent. But i will tell you, when I see my children's attitudes changing, and the only thing that has been different is the influence of friends they are playing with, it's time to make a few changes NOW while I can.

So the special thing of today is : Responsibility. While I would much rather be in worship, someone needs to pick up our sweet girl from camping. Responsibility.While I would love to "hang out' with people who inspire me to dig into God more then ever before, I have to be careful that I allow God to lead that ~ not someone else's beliefs that are not all from Him (not talking about people from my own church here). I don't need a spin on belief.... but indeed do need truth. And in that truth, I have to make sure I share truth ~ not what *I* think ~ or would like it to be. Responsibility. Telling my kids, that friends are not an option during the school week after school, because this mother's heart has to guide and guard their hearts in the right way.  Responsibility is NEVER the easy way out.

Touches of Autumn in our Home
 But Responsibility has taught me many incredible things. It has shown me that I do have the courage of Daniel. The voice of an Angel. The heart of David. I AM fearfully and wonderfully made, and when God has me awake ~ I am dangerous (in a good way)!


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