Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Age

I know I know! Not many women are thankful for aging, but right now I am. There is something about the wisdom, and new growth that comes with each year of age for me as of late. So, here is my Thankful Thursday list this week!


With aging, I am thankful for:

1. Realizing that life is not about me. Sure, there are parts (big parts at times) where it is necessary to be involved in it ~ but it is NOT about me!

2.The love I have found for my home, and the way it is ran. I love that bills get paid on time, dishes are done and not left sitting around, and laundry is kept up. You might find a dust bunny or two (especially on the game that hangs in our living room ~ there is still something strange to me about dusting a deer head!), and things are not always their tidiest, I mean we do have a small home with five people living in it, but things are taken care of.

3. I am not looking to others for approval! Not right now anyway. This is something that has been difficult for me to overcome. It seems even from the time I was a little girl I had a complex about pleasing everyone around me.

4. Time. I am learning that time is important, and I often want to be using that time just right. Especially right now. I am making it my goal to have my first book written by January 1st. I have barely started. God has a lot to be brought to the table and I am simply going to spend time refilling my tea or coffee cup and allowing Him to pour out his lavish love on the ladies He is calling to a new level of loving and living! If I could have bottled all the time I wasted over the last few years out of fear ~ I would be rich in hours!

5. Friends. As I age my friendships have become more .... well mature. It isn't about what that friend can do for me, it is about what they bring out in me. See, as we are young we often find friends who are so like minded that you agree on every single thing. As I am aging I find while I have those friends I agree with on a lot, it is our differences that make the friendship so special.

6. Children and their comical ways, no longer annoy me! I have been a mommy since August 1999 and a preschool teacher since 2004. I have had a LOT of testing in this manner! LOL Now, I adore their silliness, and realize it is just what children are! I love that they can be serious one minute, and silly the next. As I age, they are kind of reminding me of myself! HA!

7. It's never time to "grow up"! I have always been one to be responsible, and as I age that hasn't changed. The only thing is, as I am aging I am learning it is good to have fun! Dance while I am mopping, sing at the top of my lungs while I am washing dishes or cooking, grab a kid and have tickle wars while I am folding laundry.

8. You are NOT what the scale says you are! For so long, I allowed a lie into my heart that told me I was only worth what the scale said, or even what size jeans I wore. Guess what! NO ONE even knows that but me! So in that same sense of reasoning, I was the one who was telling me my worth ~ and it only depended on what someTHING told me. The beautiful thing is, I am  learning as I age, that beauty is so much deeper then the skin! Beauty can be seen and felt without even someone seeing my face, or jean size. Beauty is in the words shared, in the art created with the hands, in the simple day to day living that no one see's!

9. The more I age, the less "high maintenance" I become. In other words, it really does not take much to make me happy. I don't expect much. Kindness, and appreciativeness is all I need.

10. Books are worth more then they are priced! They are seriously. We get off cheap buying a book, or even downloading one. Each book is written from someones soul, they took time away from their families, their lives to pour out a little part of them in that book. I never appreciated that until now ~ when I am about to have to have less sleep at night, time away from my family, and that is precious! Do something strange next time you buy a book. Buy two! One for you ~ and one for a gift! You will be amazed at the treasure you are really giving!


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