Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday: A hodgepodge list

So hard to believe we are in the middle of November, and will soon be in the throws of preparing to celebrate Christmas! What a joyful time that is!

My "Thankful list" today is a full fledged hodgepodge! Hope you enjoy, and are inspired to begin making your own lists!

1. I am very thankful for social media like Facebook! I know..... so lame, but really I get to reconnect with so many people, meet new friends, and have a way to simply share my life in another venue other then this blog. Really, I AM an open book, and hide nothing.

2. Coffee! A few days there I was at a loss because coffee had lost it's meaning! LOL I simply was not enjoying it. But this morning ~ oh this morning! We are one again!

3. Blogging ~  I am so thankful for blogging, and though it has been going on for years.... it's such a release for me. I would LOVE to make a career out of blogging, and I know many have but I don't ever want it to feel like a "Job" or a "chore".

4. Early shopping hours the day after Thanksgiving. I tell you ~ I LOVE shopping on Black Friday. The people are usually very friendly, there is a crispness in the air and well... I usually come home 2/3 done. A day that takes a lot of energy but yay! LOVE it!

5. Vacation weeks from school. I do not get vacation time except when our local district is closed. Praise God.... we are off all next week! Getting used to working 5 days again ~ I am so ready for a few days to me (well, and the kids, and getting the house prepped for Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas decorating).

Okay ~ would love to share more, but this morning is the Thanksgiving Feast in my classroom and well.... lots to get done before the start of the school day!! Be blessed, and be thankful!


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