Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday's Girl Talk: Hear me Roar!

That's right! It's time to come on out of that shell, and allow yourself to ROAR! Toot your own horn for a bit! What are you good at? These are often things in the Christian community women are told to refrain from thinking about, as our focus should not be on ourselves. This is not what I am intending to do ~ to make you sit there and focus solely on you.

See, when we know our strengths and weaknesses we understand who God is within us. No, He is not weak, but He has promised when we are weak, HE will enable us. Where do you need some enabling? Your strengths perhaps, are used by God daily to raise up other women as in Titus 2, and to also help raise another WHOLE generation! Meek and Quiet does not mean Weak and Whinney!

I am fired up friends today ~ and it all started this weekend. I had a little get away. No, I didn't leave town, but I did attend a women's conference at my church and I am so ever grateful for that! Lisa Bevere came and we all worshipped as one, and listened to what God would have for each of us there. I truly believe it was one of those God moments. I was moved beyond words. I was indeed moved to tears both Friday night and Saturday morning. I was moved to a new level of responsibility in this walk of mine. 

This morning as I sit here, I am overwhelmed with what God is showing me, rekindling even. The whole purpose of this blog is to share ME with YOU. All of me. Why? Because sometimes to be a Titus 2 woman, we have to be willing to share all of  us. Not just the sugar coated things, but the entire truth. Is it hard? Sometimes. I don't want ever to be judged for my mistakes, yet human nature does that. I can tell you that I often look to the voice of others before the voice of God and some of you will say.. "Oh that's okay. We all do it." But ... if you realize that looking to the voice of others, and following through with it is putting idolship on that person ~ making them a god instead of allowing God to be the God of your life ~ it's not okay. I have been doing that for months. Shame on me! But I am not afraid anymore! I can speak up and speak out and say that God is the God for me ~ and I will seek HIM in all I do, and trust that He is going to guide me in a direction that I need to go in. I am a lioness.... Hear me roar! (Lisa Bevere spoke on her book, and teachings from Lioness Arising ~ Wake up and change your world!) I am only on Chapter 2, but God is already doing a number on me, and I am thankful.

As women we often forget how GREAT God made us. That we have a purpose on this earth, that is not like anything a man could be/do. Just as they have a purpose on this earth that neither you or I could do. We are not the same. Yet, in some ways we ARE equal..... see Adam was created first, but Eve was created to complete Adam. It is not good for man to be alone, nor is it good for woman to be alone. We are made for each other, we complete one another. We are not to be battling for headship ~ but we are to be on the same side of the fence at least, right?

Lots to think on from this post. But if you leave questioning one thing ~ I want you to ask yourself this. What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? What areas do I complete my husband, and he complete me?

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