Sunday, November 20, 2011

Turning things around......

The Great I Am has spoken to my heart today in ways that I desperately needed! I am learning that the "I am's" I speak about myself.. either hold back the Great I Am, or enable Him to do that much more through me.

See if we are not open to allow God to be God, even when we don't understand Him fully, then we simply put Him in a box ~ and the gentlemen that He is, He will NOT come out of that box we have shaved Him into. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. Even in the lives around us. We put so many limits on God through the spoken word, and the actions that follow.

When I say "I am fat".... yet a size 4 .... I am telling God what He did in and through me wasn't good enough. Hello! I went from a 18/20 to now a 4.

When I say "I am broke"..... I am telling God HIS provisions are not good enough.

When I say "I am lonely".. I am telling HIM HE is not enough for me.

It is okay to say "I am beautiful!" It is okay to say "I am strong!". It is even okay to say "I am amazing!". David was wise, when he looked and realized that God didn't just make him, but He made him fearfully and wonderfully made! Now a days ~ that is like saying "I am amazing!" or "I rock!". It's not pride! God doesn't want us to feel so lolely about ourselves that we put ourselves down. We are only putting HIM down when we do that.

Would you sit there and point out every fault of your friends in front of them? NO, you wouldn't. And so please tell me why we do that to ourselves?! Just because it is us, it doesn't make it okay. It's just as wrong. Did you realize that when you put yourself down, pointing out all your own flaws, it makes you do one of two things. Either your going to become the green eyed monster comparing YOUR faults with other's good traits, or .... you will begin to point out and find negative things in others just as easily as you do yourself.

I was sharing a word with a few friends at church, and here are a few notes that might be helpful to you:

1. When  your changing the way you live/eat to lose weight..... the #'s are milestones not goals! Your goal should be the outcome of changing your habits ~ aka a healthy temple. A # is just that ...a number. It doesn't always reflect the outcome ~ just what 's happening in the process.

2. Begin to speak some affirmative sentences to yourself from time to time. Mine currently will be : "I am thinner and healthier then I have ever been! (and that is not a lie!)."  Also, "I am beautiful and the joy of the Lord will reign within me forever!"

There is so much more that I want to share but it is Sunday and I have dinner to prepare. Please know that I am praying for you ~ for those who are hurting and believing LIES that have been spoken to and over you for far too long. It's time to stop accepting the lies, even if they come from your own mouth! God never made junk, and He still doesn't!

Oh, and just so you know.. today is 11/20/2011! Pretty neat huh? It's a little way that God showed me He is turning things around for me! :)


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