Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Crafty Kind of Christmas: Teacher Gifts

Oh boy! I feel it in my bones. This blog is going to be leaning more towards recipes and crafts , because I find much JOY in creating, and God keeps leading me to the perfect things to create at the right time! There are a few that I will not be able to share the next couple of weeks, but will share later, because they can be used for other Holidays as well.

Today, it's teacher gifts! I woke up Saturday, a bit distressed at what to do for the kid's teachers. They seem to ALL have some amazing teachers, and it doesn't always happen that way. Anyway, I didn't want to just get a gift card for them, that often feels so cheesy to me. So..... I allowed God to lead me in the ideas as I thought back to some of my favorite teacher gifts that I had received over the years, and the ideas took off from there.

The boys have two teachers (not counting music/art/PE). Their home room teacher got one extra thing because well..... they are their homeroom teachers LOL. Kristen however, has six. So.... she took one gift to her homeroom teacher (who happens to also be her Science teacher whom she spends extra time with once a week for Science Club).

In a gift bag I placed the following:
1. A monogrammed Germex Bottle (filled of course with the original germex)
2. A Glue Bottle with a label that reads: Mrs. ________ is the glue that holds our class together.
3. A Mint Hot Chocolate packet with a label "You were MINT to be my Teacher! Merry Christmas"

LOVED it! Loved doing it, and was proud to give that as a gift. Ever gave a gift that you weren't honored to give? Yeah me too. Then I realized IS giving that means more then receiving!

Germex Bottle Instructions

1. Remove the front and back label. (the back will be a bit tougher to remove then the front.)
2. Soak bottle (standing upright) in hot soap water.
3. Remove from soapy water, and apply a thin coat of oil (I used Crisco) to the side where the back label was (there will be a sticky residue left).
4. On top of the oil dabble a bit of rubbing alcohol.
5. Using a soft cloth (I used a good quality paper towel), rub the label residue until you see that it is all removed.
6. Wash the bottle again in hot and soapy water.
7. Dry
8. Begin decorating with scrapbook stickers (NOT paper kind)
9. Attach a matching bow along the top of the spout.


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