Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Goals for 2012: Changes are definately on the horizon


There is something so renewing about a new year! Many sit and list a ton of things they want to accomplish, yet by January 3 they have decided it's just too tough. The thing different with resolutions and goals, are that goals are attainable, resolutions are something that you are resolving to do. In reality, the two go hand in hand. You have to have a resolution (your mind made up that now is the time for change) to even create a goal.

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I may or may NOT have just confused you, but truth be told ~ I have been pondering many things for a while now that I would like to see change in my own self. They range from physical, to spiritual, and even to financial goals that will not only enhance the life I now live, but will increase the lives of those around me.

1. Limited time on Social Media. I do not think that social media is a bad thing, as i love to blog, and catch up with friends and family on facebook. But when it becomes the ONLY source of social interactions, it's time to make some changes. This particular goal will overlap onto my spiritual list, but too many times I am on social media sites and blogs longer then I am in the Word. Something just isn't balanced with that.

2. I will be giving up my morning coffee and replacing it with water. I do not like black coffee, and love to have it with Splenda and flavored creamer. Maybe I should say I am not giving it up but delaying it instead. It truly does hinder my natural hunger, and it's just been something I have felt led to do for a while and have fought it!

3. In the mornings, I am planning to walk  even if just for 30 minutes while praying, and allowing praise music to awaken all of me.

1. My morning will NOT start off with time on Facebook/blogs. It will instead begin in the Word. I do  NOT spend time in the morning in prayer and God's word first as I should. It's time to fix that.

2. I will return to journaling in the evenings as my day is winding down.

3. I will not over extend myself.

4. Total complete obedience.

1. I am feeling convicted to cook more here at home. Yes I usually cook about 6 nights a week, but I want to increase that to about 28 out of 30 days. Menu planning will help, and being adventurous in the kitchen trying out a minimum of 1 new recipe a week will also spur more joy in the kitchen!

2. NO frivolous spending just because I am also working.

3. Birthdays and summer needs need to be planned for and saved for rather then having to hit the household savings .

This is just the major things that I desire to work on for 2012. There are lots of "little" things, but those will come as the others are dealt with face first. As you see I did not have weight loss anywhere on that list! God is so good!


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