Monday, December 12, 2011

What was she thinking?

Yesterday at church one of the Worship leaders was singing the beautiful "Mary Did you know?", and the questions began pouring in my mind.

I want to know what Mary was thinking herself during this time. Was she fleshy in her thoughts like I would have been? Here is what I want to know:

1. When she had to give birth in a barn, was she praying that no one would find out and judge her for that?
2. When she looked into the face of Jesus, did she worry about raising him right?
3. As Jesus was toddling around, did Mary ever lose her cool?
4. What did Jesus smell like as a baby? Is the scent of babies, what Heaven smells like?

The list could really go on and on. These are some of the things I hope to remember when I am face to face with God one day. I want to know the little details, because well.. I LOVE details!

This story just becomes more personal I think as we become mothers.


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