Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Beautiful Deception Part 1

This weekend has seriously been life transforming for me. God is moving in a large and MIGHTY way, not only in me, but in all of His people. That means you too!

Two separate message this weekend alone, has gotten me to realize I never knew "Satan" for what he really is. If your going into war with your enemy, it is wise to know who/what your trying to defeat and find victory over. If you really want to feel that victory, then you must take time to understand what is your facing.

I never realized how deceitful Satan is. I never realized how powerful he can be ~ not by his own works mind you, but the power I (or you) give him.  Too many times I gave my secrets away to Satan, allowed the weasel to have me under his grip all the while thinking I was safe.

Watching a multimedia special at church titled "The story of God" by Ron Luce and there was one part of his presentation that showed Satan looking very debonairly and speaking to Eve. While Satan spoke God rebuttled the comments but one thing Satan promised Eve was "You'll be free!". How many lies do we believe just the same way? We believe running to food, alcohol, drugs will help us to be free from the burdens of life, never realizing it is creating a bigger burden in our life while never touching the real problem!! We believe if we live a life that puts us first, we will be able to take care of others later. We believe a lie of "this one time" won't hurt. We believe "it doesn't matter" anyway.

I have come to the conclusion that Satan is an awful LY ER, a THIEF, a COUNTERFEIT! I have NO DESIRE to allow any of my day/time/life to  be so easily given over to a COWARD such as he. And he really didn't have to work hard to "get me" on his side. I FELL FOR IT! EASILY!  I have also come to the conclusion that I do NOT know enough about the enemy ~ or his tactics that he might would use on me. And that is sad! I am a Christ follower ~ and Jesus himself KNEW the enemy he was up against.

I have just come out of one of the worst weeks I have had in a long time. I was lonely. I was hurting. I was exhausted. I was almost mourning. I was ... self focused. I had NO REASON for this, but fell for just about every LIE that Satan threw my way. Looking back I am heartbroken at what time was lost that I could have been doing kingdom work. I am heartbroken at lost time and opportunity. But I am ever thankful because had I NOT gone through that, I wouldn't have realized what it was, God wouldn't have been able to speak to me as boldly (and have me still listen). I am even more convinced that when I go through these seasons, to embrace them, and allow God to work within them.

This week, I will be digging deep in scripture to find out all I can about Satan himself. Why? Because, he already knows enough about me and my weaknesses. But what he doesn't realize is when/where I am weak GOD is strong, and I shall NOT be defeated!


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  1. We need to remember that satan is not all-powerful, and he cannot read our minds.
    (I refuse to capitalize satan's name; I refuse to show him even that amount of "respect"!..just a quirk of mine.)


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