Monday, January 23, 2012

Just can't take it? *BOOK GIVEAWAY*

I have come to love a very amazing author whom God is using to reach children and adults alike through some fabulous books! I was given the privilege to read and review the latest from Mr. Anthony DeStefano whom you may have remembered from previous reviews I have done. (Little Star )

This time, this particular book was used in a way that only God could orchestrate. When I was approached, I was touched that this sweet guy even remembered that I LOVED his books. The books ( yes, there is ONE for one of you precious peeps too) came on a Thursday, right after having talked with a few people about life. One of them in particular was really hurting in a way I was almost speechless to be able to help. Yeah I know, rendering me speechless takes A LOT! But.... when I got home was excited to see the books. I was unable to sit right down and read it, and as life goes, I got busy with laundry, cooking, cleaning, and all the other things that needed to be done before bedtime. On Friday, I was encouraged (Nudged) by the Holy Spirit to take a look and see what this new book was about.

I Just Can't Take It Anymore was an amazing journey, one that was a quick read, yet held some of God's redemptive power deep within the pages. This is a GREAT gift book for those in our lives who may be struggling, hurting, and almost ready to give up. We all have those days, and have been in that season a time or two. More information can be found at this link (CLICK HERE).

I was blessed with two copies. One copy I gave to my friend who was at that desperation point, and God has used it in her life already! I do have ONE copy to give away here! Feel free to leave me a comment (one a day please), and I will be sure to draw a name very soon. (Comments must be made before MIDNIGHT Tuesday January 31 CST.)



  1. Hmmm..I am struggling right now with letting my son go (boot camp) I feel SO sad! ~ Carol P,

  2. This books would be a godsend from heaven!

  3. God knows I'm having some struggles right now...I'd be blessed and grateful for the chance to read this! Then I'd be sure to pass it on as you are! Love ya Sheila!


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