Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Oh be careful little eyes.....

Oh be careful little eyes what you see, oh be careful little eyes what you see. For our Father up above is looking down with love, oh be careful little eyes what you see.

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I have had this reminder deep seeded within me for a while now. A LONG while. I have taken steps to make sure my "eyes" are open and free to see the path that God is laying out for me each day, for the things He would desire for me to see.

A few weeks ago, I was the "lucky winner" of a few books! I hadn't read the series, and was just getting back into reading for fun. I was excited. The books arrived. I began one of them. Last night, I decided that these books and this series is NOT for me. Why? Because my little eyes have learned to be careful at what they see. It was a let down, but what's more of a let down? Not "getting" to read some books that was gifted to me, or letting my heart, mind, and soul be effected from a poorly written novel? Why do authors insist on using foul language to "make a point"? Especially to a book that is actually labeled for "teen". Sickening I tell you!

This is going to be a long post! So, why don't you take my lead, and go get you a nice HOT cup of coffee, cocoa or tea!? I say HOT because it is chilly here this morning!

For the last few weeks, pretty much since we have been off for Christmas Break, TV has been more of a distraction then an enjoyment. I would rather have the TV off rather then on. Why? Because of the same reason as the book. There is so much more I could be spending my time, giving my attention to then something that is either going to put an ugly outlook (with dirty words at that) into my perspective or something that is going to get me so self focused that I can't see what God IS doing in my life.

The things (secularly written books and TV) that used to bring me joy and contentment now make me cringe. God is up to something! He is purifying His people, calling us to live lives of conviction ~ not to point his finger down on us but instead to get us to look UPWARD to Him, and start demanding more of HIM in our day.

I did not get a photo up for PAD but yesterday's picture was supposed to be something I adore. I had the perfect picture planned, as I was washing sheets! It was CLEAN SHEET day yesterday ~ one of my favorite days of the week! I am getting closer to the idea of clean sheet day ~ a few times a week, because there is nothing like ending a busy and productive day then sliding into clean sheets! So, my photo was going to be a picture of my bedding in the dryer! But guess what?! God ordained my day, and there just wasn't a time where that desire and time line up together to allow a picture. That's okay! Living life is so much more fun this way, when it isn't ME who is outlining my  day!

God is clearing a lot of garbage out of my life, and I call it that for a reason. Reading books, or spending time on things that are NOT edifying, or uplifting is NOT worth it. Don't get me wrong. I will begin a new book this evening, but I will begin it the same way as I began these ~ with eyes willing to see, and willing to be careful at what they see. I am open to where He leads me, even if it is taking away things I once enjoyed.


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