Saturday, January 21, 2012

Preschool Chatter: Small Group Command Center

As a preschool teacher I am always on the lookout for better ways to run my classroom. It seems that those management skills are the kind that gets improved upon as time goes on and various situations arise.

Being able to teach 16 beautiful three year olds is such a wonderful thing. I completely LOVE my career and wouldn't change it for anything. There are a few days when it just began to feel daunting trying to get everything taught as well as remain classroom control. Eight years, and I finally found a system that works for me!


This is my "Small Group Command Center".

Each small group is color coded. I have split our group into four small groups to ensure that we are allowed that one on one with each child that not only fosters their learning in an individualized way, but it is nice for the bonding of relationships as well. (Remember you may teach them for a year, but you impact them for life!)

Supplies used:
Four bright colors of scrapbook paper
Magnet buttons
Chalkboard spray paint (easily found at Walmart or home improvement stores)
Cheap cookie sheet (I found that one at Walmart for 96 cents!)

The spray paint is amazing! I am anxious to use it on other surfaces, and for various projects! It only took two coats, and I could have easily gotten by with just one.

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