Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2fer review Wednesday!

So, what does a preschool teacher do spending her time in the summer? That's an easy question! Baking, reading, cleaning, organizing, and enjoying every single minute of it! I also have plenty of time to dig into the Word, tend to a biblestudy, and simply be there for those I love.

One thing I love about summer vacation is the ability to have time to read. Often it is still only in the evenings unless of course it is while we are enjoying time at the waterpark! This was a GREAT read! I do not read mainstream literature, and you can forget anything that has a curse word in it. Call me what you will, I just can't stomach that! This is a light read, and I am happy to say, has a happy ending.

Today I made some No Bake Oreo Treats. The recipe was fairly easy, and took all of seven minutes from start to finish! The only suggestion  I have for you, is to take the time after you cut them to wrap them individually in plastic wrap, as they are pretty sticky. :) I ended up getting 12 treats out of that batch, and they are in an air tight container. I am encouraged to begin making more of our family's snacks and such rather then always buying them prepackaged. This summer, I hope to find a good go to granola bar recipe that the entire family enjoys.

Our living room furniture had been in the same place since the time we purchased it in 2008. I just didn't envision it working any other way, until this week! My husband asked me to defrost his minifridge that is in the livingroom, and knowing it was needing to be done I was happy to oblige. Little did I know it would lead to such a big change! I am happy to say though it is a bit tough to get used to things in different places, I am very happy with the new arrangement. Even the twins came in after it was done and said "I love it like this! It's like we live in a new house!". Ha!

Tomorrow is a day of relaxation at the waterpark. It's only been in the 100's this week, but tomorrow will be cooler ~ a whoppin 98! A great day for a picnic, some water play, and some good ol natural Vitamin D!


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