Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bloom Where you are Planted

Sunday's service at Grace was amazing, and a word of God that I needed to hear. I can honestly say I have NOT been the same since. We have been having a sermon series on "God had the idea", and it covered marriage, family, and of course church. Those were all GOD"S idea from the beginning.

This sermon has resonated with me all week, and I thought if it is still this strong in my mind and my heart, then maybe I should share the thoughts, some of the message notes, and well.. my own comments. If this is for you ~ then beautiful!! I shared with the purpose of encouraging others. IF it isn't for you, then let me just say thanks for reading and come back again in a day or two for something new!

"Bloom Where You Are Planted" ~ We have all heard it. We all have used it in our thinking from time. Have you ever thought about doing that in your own church life?

NOW would be a good time to read 1 Corinthians 12:12-27. I have linked the text to read, all you have to do is click it.

1. GOD chose YOU ! (vs 12-14)
The body of the church your at is NOT made up of the same kinds of people. It takes many with many talents and abilities to make a whole church. God chose you to be at the church your at to, in terms that are easy to understand, to fill in the gap! YOU have a special place in your church that NO ONE else can fill, and sitting back allowing others to fill the gap for you will NOT fill it as HE intended. It's like substituting Splenda for Sugar. It may taste the same, but it's not sugar.

2. GOD placed YOU (vs 18)
God purposely placed you in the church body your in for a reason and a purpose. He didn't put you there for you to church hop or have one foot in the door of your church, and one foot in the door of another church. YOU were not made to be in two places at one time. YOU are not God! Set= purposed and laid down, put in a SAFE place. (You are at your church location to make a difference, or contribution to the place HE specified for you to use your gifts and talents.) Pleases = to please God so we can make a difference.

3. Your part matters to God and others! (vs 21-25)
God is watching and observing. When you serve in your church, you serve God!

4. It matters to you! (vs 27)
The enemy wants you to believe that what you do in your home church doesn't matter, and it doesn't make a difference if you actually attend or not.

Most of our society falls into one of three characteristics:
1. Spiritually Unemployed: Having found a place to worship and attend church BUT do nothing to serve to further God's Kingdom.
2. Spiritually Obese: They hear the word/message but do nothing with it. They often just sit back to be spoon fed, and think the more they put in the better they are even though they never digest the truth and then share it.
3. Spiritually sedentary: They sit back and here, but do nothing to give back or serve.

"Pride keeps you from seeing the body and church the best it really is ~ God's house." God set you where he has you for the purpose HE's created you and called you for at this very moment! Stop church hopping/church shopping and get involved in the place HE has you NOW!


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