Sunday, June 10, 2012

Book Review: Stand By Me

Before I get into my personal review let me first say this IS NOT A PAID for, nor solicited review. I am reviewing this book by my own merits, and to share my summer reading journey with those who choose to read this blog. I was not given any funds for this review! ~ shew! Glad that is out of the way!

Now, let me first say NETA JACKSON ROCKS! I loved her series "The Yada Yada Prayer Group" and have read all the way through them twice. There was a second series she had come out once that first series was done titled "House of Hope Series". Stand by Me is the first in the third series (Souled Out Sisters) which features many of the same characters from both previous series! It's almost like having a class reuniion, yet getting to know new characters as well.

I loved the series from the beginning because it was about a group of ladies whom God put together ~ misfits for one another for sure, yet in some ways they complete one another. It's a great "chick" kind of read, yet it also points you to HIM, and to digging deeper in your own relationship! This book did not fail!! I was worried concerned that I would not like the new characters, but boy was I wrong! If you like a light read, yet one that has meaning to it to, I highly recommend this book!

If this sounds like a book you would like then why not go ahead and add it to YOUR collection for the summer!


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