Saturday, June 30, 2012

Crafting Weekend: What's on my agenda?

This past week I spent a good time cleaning and organizing our home, including my crafting area. It stoked a desire to get busy. Well, okay, tons of pins on pintrest got me going, but you know I needed a bit more motivation then just pinning pins to get busy!

But where do I begin!? I know one thing is for sure. I want to make more for Chistmas this year then I buy. My parents are getting older, and well, to be honest they go buy what they want when they want it. So, in order to give a meaningful gift I usually go outside the box of what they have asked for and sometimes it's down to the wire before I can actually find it. This year, I am going to use gifts from the heart for family and friends, teachers and coworkers alike. Why? I often find that gift giving often becomes like a "chore" for many. I don't want it to feel like a chore, a job, or even like I am just running someone's errands to get something they want on their list. Where's the fun and creativity in that?!

I have decided this week I am going to attempt to make something that will not only help me keep my home clean ~ but be a bit eco friendly as well as frugal about it! I am going to make my own Swiffer dusting pads for the swiffer sweeper and fun little shaggy for the swiffer duster! I found the tutorial here : Dollar Store Crafts!

My plan is to attempt this particular craft and have the photo for you next week, along with maybe a project in the making!


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