Saturday, June 2, 2012

Embracing Simple Beauty

I know. I know it's been a while! Instead of giving you a barrell of excuses, I am just gonna get into this post and what was laid on my heart to share. Please pardon me for a minute though as I load up Jim Brickman on Pandora!

The other evening, it hit me that I wanted to go for a walk after dinner. Not planned, not marked so I know distance, just a walk. I wanted to get out there and just hear and see the things that God created and take the time to appreciate them. Coming up on Summer, I know that I will have more of these opportunities to grasp His beauty in the world, but that very moment it was important to do it then. I put on my tennis shoes, grabbed a bottle of water, and out the door I went. My husband knew of my motive, but the children did not. Often I ask them if they want to go, but this time it needed to be me and God!

I began my walk, and breathed in a deep breath of fresh air. Now, I live in the city so I know to many country folk, the air I breathe outdoors isn't as fresh as yours but it was still a lovely thing. I turned down the street and my eyes caught this tree that was growing in the most odd way. I kinda had to giggle and thank God for his humorous way of reminding me that HE created us all in a unique way for His purpose and plan. As I walked further I passed a family of boys and their father outside playing football. Yes in May. This is Texas after all! (Insert smile here) It did my heart good to see another family in the neighborhood who was purposely taking time to be with one another in such a fun way. A way that didn't cost a dime but was worth more then it's weight in gold.

Walking often clears my brain, and I can just lay down those burdens that I may have to God Almighty. I had a beautiful time last year of walking daily but then it turned into a whole list of "rules" and "have to" rather then following the leading desire from God. What began as a sanctification time was turned into something I dreaded. I do NOT want that to happen again. I love walking with God ~ literally ~ praying, admiring his handy work, soaking in the sun and fresh air.

I continued on my walk taking in the "song of the locusts" ~ something I look forward to every year. I know that some thing they are the nastiest things but they worship like no other!! They are LOUD at times, but they are unified, and to me it just reminds me of a choir who rehearsed month after month until the end of May and early June came where they could perform their little hearts out day after day as summer drones on! I remember the sound as far back to when I was a young child and it brings a smile to my face every summer!

Then, God blessed me yet again with a funny little dance to watch between two squirrels. Apparently I caught them in the middle of a good game of tag or something. What a hoot!

As I turned down one more road to start heading back to the house I got a message on my phone from a sweet online friend. This time, instead of responding back, I heard the desire in my heart, so I simply called her instead! What a GREAT way to end my walk!

I truly just felt completely relaxed and focused yet again when I walked back into the door. Ready to press in and complete the tasks of the day and get some reading done.  God is so good to remind us to stop in the middle of busyness and simply just go looking for Him in nature! Heck, even taking a cold glass of water outside and sitting on the deck is such a treat for me. This time of year it is easy for me to "slow down" but let me encourage you to do the same as well. Slow down and take in all that is around you outside! God is waiting for you to acknowledge His power, His beauty, and all that He created for you to see and experience at that very moment! I challenge you to embrace the simply beauty around you!


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